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Wayne Brady, whose daytime gabfest is ending after two seasons, will join the cast of Chicago on Broadway beginning Sept. 7. He'll assume the role of opportunistic lawyer Billy Flynn. read more


What was up with Jerri Manthey's abrupt walk-out during Sunday's Survivor: All-Stars reunion? On Monday's Early Show, the former Surreal Lifer said she got "pretty upset" when the crowd started booing her. "I didn't get to finish making my point," she explained. "The point was that this show... comes at a price. Some of the costs for us [are] friendships and feelings." If that sounds to you like a small price to pay, applications for the show's 10th round are now available at read more

Question: A quickie: Where is ...

Question: A quickie: Where is the fountain from the opening of Friends? — James W., Dulles, Va.

Televisionary: On the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, Cal. It's a set known as Park Boulevard.

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Frasier star Peri Gilpin and hubby Christian Vincent are the proud parents of twin girls, Entertainment Tonight reports. Stella and Ava were born via a surrogate on Friday. read more


Don Johnson is being accused of stiffing an Aspen grocery store for a $5470 bill. The former Miami Vice star, who filed for bankruptcy protection last month in an effort to hold on to his ranch, also apparently owes money to a local hospital, a rug store and an energy company. On the bright side, the '80s fashion icon remains in good standing at Chess King. read more


Joseph Lawrence made TV Guide Online's day when he recently confirmed that his dreadful WB sitcom, Run of the House, would not be returning this fall for a second season. "It was really an adult show and the WB doesn't have space for a half-hour adult show," the Blossom stud-muffin tells TV Guide Online. "So I said, 'Let's all move on'." And move on he has: Lawrence will find out next week whether his ABC romantic comedy pilot, I Married Sophia, nabbed a spot on the fall schedule. read more

Question: We are big fans of ...

Question: We are big fans of Joan of Arcadia and have noticed the actor who plays Adam in reruns of other shows (7th Heaven being one). Did he play a child called "the Anointed One" in Seasons 1 and 2 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Televisionary: Nope. The actor who plays Adam on Joan is Christopher Marquette, and you can read a little more about him near the bottom of this column.

"The Anointed One" was played by Andrew J. Ferchland in several 1997 episodes of Buffy (until he was torched by Spike, that is). You may also have spotted him doing guest work on such shows as Judging Amy, Promised Land, Chicago Hope an read more


Actor Michael Rapaport (Boston Public) and wife Nichole are going their separate ways after four years of marriage. They have two children. read more

Question: I just watched the ...

Question: I just watched the final Spymaster on Discovery's TLC. The runner-up for spymaster was named Leigh Ann. At the end of the show there was a statement that the show was dedicated to Leigh Ann Tarbill, 1980-2003. Did runner-up Leigh Ann pass away last year? And if so, how did she die? — Michelle W., Olympia, Wash.

Televisionary: Sadly, Tarbill, a contestant on the show, was found dead in the garage of a home she was renting last year. According to reports, the 23-year-old was overcome by carbon-monoxide fumes from a faulty pool heater located in or near the garage.

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Caught in the Act I've said it...

Caught in the Act
I've said it once. I'll say it again. Lifetime movies get no respect. When my friend Linda found out I was watching this for work, she said, "I can save you some time. She sets fire to him and she keeps the baby. You let me know if I'm wrong."

Well Linda, you're wrong. She — in this case it's a country-talking Lauren Holly — kicks her cheating husband's butt in divorce court, solves the murder of her friend Alice and starts her own private-eye business. How's that for a woman scorned? Of course, along the way she also says some of the corniest lines this side of the Mississippi. But I embrace their campiness and pray nothing ever makes me want to "cock a couple a shells in my shotgun and draw a bead on his buttonfly."

(Random confession: To check the spelling of Mississippi I literally just said out loud "em, eye, crooked-letter, crooked-letter, eye, crooked-letter, crooked-letter, eye, hump-back, hump-back, eye. O read more

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