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Question: I'm thinking Zach ...

Question: I'm thinking Zach is going to off Paul on Desperate Housewives. Am I right? — Laura

Ausiello: Makes sense to me. Other guesses?

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Question: Are you having any ...

Question: Are you having any luck with the Snapple Snaffle? Clearly you drink it as often as I do (if not more so), so I'm curious if you got any Wild Caps. I'm thisclose to winning a new cell phone! Best to Anita and Ivana. — Marc Robinson

Ausiello: I gave up on Snapple promotions after I spent six months collecting those red caps only to win a broken toothbrush holder. How are you supposed to regift that?

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Question: Tell me something ...

Question: Tell me something good! — L.J.

Ausiello: Veronica Mars has been picked up for the entire season!

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Question: So I just put your ...

Question: So I just put your birthday into my Outlook calendar. Is that weird? — Salena

Ausiello: Not at all. Weird would be forgetting to check my wish list on as the big day draws near.

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Question: Am I the only one ...

Question: Am I the only one who finds the voice-overs on The Apprentice to be utterly ridiculous? It is so obvious that much of what Trump is saying in the boardroom is getting dubbed in after the fact. — Kevin

Ausiello: It is laughable, isn't it? I expect this kind of shoddy production values from Bravo, but NBC? I have to wonder why Mark Burnett is resorting to voice-overs in the first place? Trump must be butchering those prefiring recaps he likes to give viewers. Maybe it's time to let Carolyn take a spin behind the wheel.

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Question: I was disappointed ...

Question: I was disappointed to learn of the cancellation of Grounded for Life. What was WB's justification? — Ashley

Ausiello: I'm more interested in hearing their justification for picking it up from Fox's scrap heap in the first place.

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Question: So like, am I the ...

Question: So like, am I the only Mountain fan in America? — The Amster

Ausiello: No, you're not the only Mountain fan in America. I'm pretty sure Barbara Hershey's agent likes the show, too.

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Question: What's the scoop on ...

Question: What's the scoop on John Spencer on The West Wing? Is he off the show for good? — Mary

Ausiello: Despite his character's heart attack last week, Spencer — and Leo — are not going anywhere. At least that's what the actor told TV Guide's Mary Murphy last week. "I am not leaving," he said. "My phone has been ringing off the hook all week. People are asking me, 'Is Leo going to die? Are you leaving the show?' I have even gotten a few job offers." Spencer added that Leo will be around for the entire season — although it may be a while before he sees the inside of the Oval Office again. "We are shooting Episode 12 and Leo is still in the hospital." I smell a Scrubs crossover.

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Question: Your mention of ...

Question: Your mention of Gargamel ("Ask Ausiello" 11/03) made me laugh for .47 seconds, despite my depression/puffy eyes/exhaustion over last Tuesday's dire election results. You should feel proud. — Erin

Ausiello: I do, Erin. Oh, I do.

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Question: Years ago, Mariska ...

Question: Years ago, Mariska Hargitay was the across-the-hall best friend of the lead female in a sitcom, but I can't remember the star's or series' name. Do you know? By the way, I'm not really amused by catty humor, but you're so cute about it that I can't help but laugh. — Dennis

Ausiello: Well, I'm not really amused by research-intensive questions, but you were so cute about it that I can't help but lend a hand. After consulting my copy of TV Guide's handy new tube bible Guide to TV (Barnes & Noble Books, $12.95), I have come to the conclusion that you're referring to 1995's short-lived Can't Hurry Love. It starred Nancy McKeon as a New York career woman and Mariska as her best friend. Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without my copy of TV Guide's handy new tube bible Guide to TV (Barnes & Noble Books, $12.95).

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