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Now that you've finished reading today's Entertainment News, there's only one thing left to do: Head on over to today's fresh Ask Ausiello for scoop on Alyson Hannigan, Veronica Mars, Enterprise, JAG, Everwood, Law & Order SVU, Lost, Numbers, Knots Landing and corn toes. Talk about something for everyone. read more


Ex-Gilmore guy Jared Padalecki has been cast opposite Smallville's Jensen Ackles in the WB drama pilot Supernatural. The show centers on two brothers who encounter all sorts of weird creatures while on a California road trip. Sounds more like a quick trip down Hollywood Blvd. to me. read more

Question: Thanks for ...

Question: Thanks for answering my question last week about the Emmy-worthy actresses you're campaigning for. I totally agree with your picks. Now how about telling me which actors you think have done an exceptional job this season? — Bethany

Ausiello: Oh, where to begin... I know — Zach Braff! Other Emmy-worthy males include Braff's Scrubs costars John C. McGinley and Donald Faison, House's Hugh Laurie, Lost's Matthew Fox, Dominic Monaghan and Terry O'Quinn, Everwood's Treat Williams and Gregory Smith, 24's Louis Lombardi (aka Edgar Stiles) and all the guys from Arrested Development.

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Question: What do you think ...

Question: What do you think of Steven Bochco's new show Blind Justice? I think it looks great! — Susan

Ausiello: I tried watching the pilot, but I couldn't get past the whole blind-cop premise. Maybe you'll have more luck.

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Question: I can't believe ...

Question: I can't believe it's not butter, can you? — Fabio

Ausiello: Actually I can. Stuff tastes like paste.

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Question: Did you check out ...

Question: Did you check out The Gates last weekend? — Lauren

Ausiello: You mean those big orange things in Central Park? I was planning to go on Sunday, but then I started picking at that damn corn and, before I knew it, Desperate Housewives was starting.

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Amazing Race's Adam: Is He Gay?

As super-fit personal trainers, you'd think Adam Malis and Rebecca Cardon would've been the team to beat on The Amazing Race. But the duo's frequent arguments seemed to hold them back throughout the contest and, despite a last-minute surge, they wound up capturing the bronze. Here, the quirky twosome tells TV Guide Online about their teamwork (or lack thereof) and why they didn't speak to each other for two months after the race. Also, Adam finally reveals what's up with those Hellboy hair horns and his sexually ambiguous appearance.

TV Guide Online: You were stuck in last place for much of the final leg. Did you ever think you'd catch up?
Adam Malis:
When we were in Japan, we tried to get on the flight Freddy and Kendra were on. We had tickets for a later flight, but we were trying to switch to the earlier plane. The woman at the counter would not let us on! read more

Question: I think Scott Wolf ...

Question: I think Scott Wolf is great on Everwood! How long will he be sticking around? I thought I heard something about a "one-year commitment?" — Allison

Ausiello: I agree: Bailey, er, Scott has been a fantastic addition. And the producers apparently agree: His one-year commitment has just been extended to two. Hallelujah!

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Virginia Madsen's Rejected Role

You've got to give Virginia Madsen credit for remaining true to her principles. Even before Sideways returned the '80s sex symbol to Hollywood's A-list, the Oscar nominee was picking and choosing — and abandoning — her roles as if she'd never been down for the count. Case in point: her recurring gig as housewife Helen Pryor's (Gail O'Grady) mod confidante, Rebecca Sandstrom, during the first season of NBC's '60s-set drama, American Dreams.

"Originally, I was supposed to be the catalyst for Helen to go to the university," she recalls. "[But the plot] started to look a little too controversial when I read a script where I was smokin' a joint. That was the end. They were like, 'Uh-uh!' I went from being a strong feminist to a divorced alcoholic. That's where my character was going... so we parted ways. It read more


Despite the weakened Grammys, CBS won the ratings race last week for total viewers. The Eye placed five shows in the Top 10, including CSI, Without a Trace, CSI: Miami and Everybody Loves Raymond. American Idol-fueled Fox tied CBS for first among the 18-49 crowd, followed by ABC and NBC. WB, meanwhile, opened up a sizable lead over UPN thanks to record numbers for Gilmore Girls and 7th Heaven. read more

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