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More trouble for actor Tom Sizemore: The costar of CBS's fall drama dr. vegas had his probation revoked Thursday after he refused to provide a urine sample for a drug test. Sizemore was busted last month on a narcotics violation after probation officers discovered drugs in his Los Angeles residence during a random visit. read more


A report on tonight's Dateline NBC claims Michael Jackson fended off a second child-molestation accusation in 1990 by paying $2 million to the son of an employee at his Neverland Ranch. That would be in addition to the $15 million Jackson reportedly paid to his first accuser. "We always believed there were eight to 10 other children out there," former Santa Barbara sheriff Jim Thomas tells Dateline. read more


Rodney Dangerfield remains on a respirator in intensive care at UCLA Medical Center a week after undergoing heart-valve-replacement surgery. The 82-year-old comic is said to be in stable condition. read more

Meet Josh Hartnett's New Babe

There oughta be a law! Canadian actress Jessica Par&#233 is the latest presumptuous Canuck starlet to move south of the border and start mackin' on our American hunks. In MGM's Wicker Park (opening today), she gets to play Josh Hartnett's pretty girlfriend. "It's a small part, not very central," she tells TV Guide Online apologetically. "My character thinks he's going away to China for four days, but it turns out, he's actually chasing this other woman. She's clueless."

Hmmph. Well, she still had a plum gig as Josh Hotnett's main squeeze, if only briefly. "I loved him in The Virgin Suicides and I've enjoyed his work, but he wasn't up there with my favorite actors," the 21-year-old admits. "When I met him, I decided I wouldn't get psyched out that he's a big star. But he's such a charming gentleman and so sweet that I was blown away.

"I had a little teenybopper crush, for sure," Par&#233 concedes with a chuckle. "I mean, c read more


Law & Order alum Angie Harmon has joined the cast of Columbia's in-the-works remake of Fun with Dick and Jane, starring Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni.... Real-life husband-and-wife duo Christina Applegate and Johnathon Schaech have signed on to star in Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas, CBS's upcoming movie adaptation of James Patterson's best-selling novel. read more

Patty Duke's Nun Fun

TV veteran Patty Duke (aka Anna Marie Duke) was America's Sweetheart in the mid-1960s, playing identical cousins Cathy and Patty Lane on The Patty Duke Show. She also made camp-film history as pill-popper Neely "I Need My Dolls!" O'Hara in 1967's Valley of the Dolls. For years, Duke has also reigned as the drama queen of TV tearjerkers, including The Miracle Worker, Please Don't Hit Me, Mom and Call Me Anna, in which she played out her real-life battle with manic depression. Next up, she's a crime-fighting nun (yes, really) in Hallmark Channel's Murder Without Conviction (Sunday at 8 pm/ET). Here, Duke graciously answers our prayers by sitting down for an exclusive Q&A...

TV Guide Online: You recently got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Congrats!
Patty Duke:
It's great! My son Mackenzie Astin, (Facts of Life) was there with his fiancée — hel-lo! — Samantha Sinclair read more


Britney Spears' used bubble gum is all the rage on eBay. According to reports, there are currently more than two dozen eBay auctions featuring gum that Spears allegedly chewed up and spit out. Many of the postings include a photo of the gum, as well as a story explaining how it was obtained. Prices range from $5 for a tiny piece of Trident to $100 for a wad of Strappleberry-flavored Juicy Fruit. And if you've tried the latter, you know it's worth every freakin' penny. read more


It's turning out to be a good year for my girl Mariska Hargitay. Just two months after nabbing her first Emmy nod, Law & Order: SVU's incomparable leading lady married actor and sometime SVU costar Peter Hermann last Saturday in Santa Barbara. According to her spokeswoman, Hargitay wore a Carolina Herrera gown and was escorted down the aisle by her dad, Mickey Hargitay. And although her rep couldn't confirm it, extremely unreliable sources tell me that my invitation got lost in the mail. The restraining order, however, is being sent by special courier and should arrive any day now. read more


All around the world, statues are crumbling at the news that Sugar Ray front man Mark McGrath is joining the showbiz newsmagazine Extra as its new co-host. Yeah, you read that correctly. The 36-year-old "Fly" boy will make his debut alongside current talking head Dayna Devon when the syndicated series kicks off its 11th season on Sept. 13. Now, let's all observe a moment of silence in memory of Mark McGrath's music career. read more


CBS has tapped Melanie Griffith to star in Heartless, an original movie about a woman who uses, stalks, manipulates and kills men who either get in her way or leave her. (She's also a lawyer, but that kinda goes without saying.) According to The Hollywood Reporter, the telepic was inspired by the real-life story of Texas attorney Catherine Shelton, who was profiled on a recent 48 Hours. NYPD Blue's Esai Morales co-stars as an undercover reporter working as her assistant. read more

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