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Question: I heard about the ...

Question: I heard about the new show Medium. When is it on? And what channel? — Linda, Langhorne, Pa.

Televisionary: Aw, c'mon, Linda. Travis and I are doing our best to promote the Keystone state and you have to sully our efforts with a question you could've easily answered by checking our lovable Listings section? For shame! (And wipe those smirks off your faces, all you residents of other states who keep asking the same kind of day-and-time questions, forcing me to run yet another one so you'll see where to look it up yourselves.)

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Question: Did Flip Wilson ...

Question: Did Flip Wilson first hit it big on TV with his variety show? I thought I remembered reading that his first show was a sitcom, but my brother disagrees. — Stephen R., Allentown, Pa.

Televisionary: Your brother's right on this one, Stephen, though you're not far off the mark. The late Wilson, who succumbed to liver cancer in 1998, first hit the air with two TV specials before launching his hit Flip Wilson Show in September 1970 on NBC. But if it's any consolation, NBC executives initially considered a sitcom for Wilson before going with the variety format because there was already a lot of that genre on the air; and years after his show breathed its last in June 1974, he returned to TV with the short-lived CBS comedy Charlie & Co., which ran from September 1985 through the following July.

"[W]e were afraid of tackling that terrible variety-hour competition with him," NBC exec Herb Schlosser recalled in 1971. "So we came up read more

Question: I seem to remember ...

Question: I seem to remember a TV show in the '80s that starred Corey Haim and Burt Young (Paulie from Rocky) as mismatched college roommates. One episode had the younger star being a DJ at the college radio station and calling himself "Bobby Midnight." I believe the name of the show was Roommates; however, I can find no record of the show existing. Was it Cory Haim and Burt Young or am I just really confused? — Travis, Dresher, Pa.

Televisionary: More important, Travis, is the fact that I can't believe I got a question from my hometown! Please say "Hey" to all the good people at the Dresher Plaza Shop 'N' Bag.

Anyway, the rest of the country would be more interested, I'm sure, to know that you're talking about NBC's Roomies, which debuted in March 1987. As you say, Haim and Young were college freshmen sharing dorm space at Saginaw U., the former as a 14-year-old brainiac and the latter a read more

Question: This has been ...

Question: This has been bugging me for years. Is the voice on those Country Crock commercials the same guy who played Mr. Carlin on The Bob Newhart Show? — Eric S., Seattle

Televisionary: Sharp ears, Eric. The voice is indeed that of actor Jack Riley, who played the neurotic Elliott Carlin, a regular patient of Dr. Bob Hartley's, on the hit '70s series. You may have also heard his voice work on Rugrats and its spin-off, All Grown Up.

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Question: Hi, T. My question ...

Question: Hi, T. My question is, how is it that the characters of the '80s Galactica got to Earth, but the new ones know nothing about it? Thanks. — Tim A., San Francisco

Televisionary: Same way Starbuck's now a woman and Boomer's now a woman and a Cylon, Tim: It's an reinterpretation of the original concept, story and characters, not a sequel. But it's a darned good one, eh?

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Question: Yesterday Melissa ...

Question: Yesterday Melissa Rivers and a master of martial arts were advertising a form of workout called Budokon. I want to know how to get more info on this form of exercise. Thank you. — Cinnamon, New Bern, N.C.

Televisionary: Sure thing, Cinnamon. The man's name is Cameron Shayne and you can find out all you need to know on his website.

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Rap mogul Marion "Suge" Knight was arrested Saturday night outside Los Angeles after police found marijuana in his truck during a traffic stop. He was also cited for not having proof of car insurance. read more

Ken's Back on Jeopardy!

Forget about the Rumble in the Jungle. Beginning this week on Jeopardy!, it's all about the Quest for Ken.

Ever since Murray, Utah, software engineer Ken Jennings became a national sensation last year by winning more than $2.5 million on the game show, Jeopardy! viewers and previous winners have been gunning for a superstar play-off. "The whole [Ken] phenomenon reminded people what a terrific format [this game] is," says Jeopardy! executive producer Harry Friedman. "It brought viewers back."

The 15-week Super Tournament, which kicks off this Wednesday, will feature nearly 150 former champions from as far away as Thailand and Sarajevo to compete for a shot at the $2 million prize. "Once the excitement of the competition is in your blood, it doesn't leave," Freidman notes. "Nobody seemed to care how much money [they'd win], even though that's an added bonus. When asked about [his availability] dates, one [former contestant] said to read more


Jennifer Lopez's engagement ring from Ben Affleck has been reacquired by Harry Winston. The price, however, is only being disclosed to serious buyers and Jennifer Garner. read more

Smallville Fears Dr. Quinn

Whoever said that beauty is skin deep has obviously never met Jane Seymour. Our favorite Medicine Woman has been quietly lending her off-camera artistry to a spate of good causes, including the Red Cross and child-abuse groups, while behaving very badly as Genevieve, the wicked mother of Lana's beau (Jensen Ackles) on Smallville. Proving that charity starts at home, the still-stunning mother of six took a time-out from a painting powwow at her home and dial up TV Guide Online to dish everything from promoting women's health to playing women from hell.

TV Guide Online: Is this a bad time? It sounds like you've got a full house right now.
Jane Seymour:
We've got a whole group of artists here [and] a whole bunch of costumes. My two daughters, who are actresses, [are] dressed up... they were [1930s-era] flappers a moment ago. I just put my hair up in a Gibson and did something, as usual, very Victor read more

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