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Question: OK, why do you keep ...

Question: OK, why do you keep ignoring my questions? Anyways, is Sharif Atkins gone from ER permanently? What about Heather Graham on Scrubs? — Johnny

Ausiello: There are no plans for either of them to return at this time. And you know very well why I keep ignoring your questions. Think back to the summer of '86 and the incident at Seaside Heights. You thought I had forgotten, huh?

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Question: In response to last ...

Question: In response to last week's question about celebrities reading Ask Ausiello, I'm a tad bit famous in Southeast Michigan as a regular fill-in host for a morning talk show. Basically, I'm on whenever the regular host is sick or on vacation. Does that count? — Kara

Ausiello: Um... no.

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Question: Got any scoop on ...

Question: Got any scoop on how That '70s Show is going to write out Ashton Kutcher and Topher Grace? — Vasti

Ausiello: Yes, but I'm gonna pull a Seacrest and withhold the big reveal until the end of the show. Research is showing that some of you have been flipping over to TV Tech during the first commercial break.

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Question: I just started ...

Question: I just started reading AA and I love it. Where do you get all of your scoop? — Bobbi

Ausiello: Diet raspberry tea leaves. And moles — hairy, suspicious or otherwise.

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Question: Not sure I rank, ...

Question: Not sure I rank, but I do enjoy reading your column. — Peter Gallagher

Ausiello: No one takes this column seriously. Sigh...

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Question: Is Dean going to be ...

Question: Is Dean going to be back on Gilmore Girls this season? Please say yes! — Meeko

Ausiello: A WB spokesperson insists that "Dean is not returning this season" — despite the fact that he's currently being featured in promos for the April 19 episode. Methinks someone over there has been hitting the Jesus Juice a little too hard, no? Long story short: Yes, he'll be back.

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Question: Any What I Like ...

Question: Any What I Like About You scoop? — Nick

Ausiello: Luke Perry is in talks to become a semiregular presence next season. That's assuming there is a next season.

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Question: Have you heard ...

Question: Have you heard anything that would make you think Enterprise could be shipped over to Sci Fi Channel or Spike? — Ed

Ausiello: No, but I've heard plenty that suggests it's not. For starters, well, it's not.

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Question: You've done it. ...

Question: You've done it. You've succeeded. I can no longer see or hear about Smurfs without thinking of you. I've been watching Angel (Season 5) on DVD and there was a reference to Smurfs. Of course, you popped into my head immediately. Do you recall what it was? If not, I'll tell you next week. — Tanya D.

Ausiello: No, I don't recall — spill!

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Question: Why is there so ...

Question: Why is there so much riding on whether TV Guide's current Gilmore Girls' covers sell well (Ask Ausiello 3/30)? I'm buying two of each cover, by the way. — Alicia

Ausiello: If I told you it was because my job was on the line, would you run out and buy as many copies as you could squeeze into a hatchback — and urge your friends and enemies to do the same? If so, let me tell you in no uncertain terms, Alicia: My job is on the line. Oh, and speaking of GG, don't forget to enter's first-ever Ask Ausiello sweepstakes for a chance to win a script from Gilmore Girls' April 26 episode signed by the entire cast, including special guest star, me! Click here for more!

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