Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson

Is 50 Cent evading his creditors?

That's what Connecticut judge wanted to know this week when the rapper-actor, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, appeared in court to explain the continued pics of him surrounded by large wads of cash despite filing for bankruptcy last year. This is the second time a judge has expressed such concern. Judge Anne Nevins said in February she was concerned about a "lack of transparency" with the rapper's finances, according to The New York Times.

50 Cent has declared bankruptcy

50 Cent filed for bankruptcy last year after a jury ordered him to pay $5 million to a woman who accused him of posting a sex tape of her online. If he's bankrupt, you certainly can't tell by the photos he's been posting- one of which photo actually spelled out the word "Broke" with what appears to be $100 bills.

In a federal bankruptcy hearing Wednesday, the Power star's attorneys claimed that the money is fake, saying that his posing with money, jewelry and cars is integral to his image and work as a hip-hop artist. His attorneys said that his creditors have come to an agreement. For now, it looks like he's not in any major hot water but it might be time for 50 Cent to start taking pictures food or bathroom selfies instead.

Either way, he's obviously not too phased about it - he posted a new pic of him with stacks of cash in his waistband, which has since been deleted.

What do you think - is 50 Cent playing the system?

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