50 Cent by George Pimentel/ WireImage.com
50 Cent has a beef with Taco Bell - and yes, it's a spicy beef, to the tune of a $4 million lawsuit. The rapper has sued the fast-foodery, claiming that its "Why Pay More?" ad campaign uses his name without permission, by publicly asking him to call himself 79, 89 or 99 Cent. (It's a value-menu joke. Har.)

Court papers say that Taco Bell sent a letter "requesting" the name change - and offering to donate $10,000 in 50 Cent's name to charity for doing so - to news outlets, but never actually to the rapper. Instead, 50 Cent learned of his name's appropriation through a news report.

Taco Bell responded to the suit by maintaining the overture was "a good faith, charitable offer." - Matt Mitovich