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<p>Costume designer Michele Clapton wants to give "fans a challenge" with Dany's white fur coat. Depending on what kind of fake fur you can get your hands on, she suggests a couple ways of going about replicating the Mother of Dragons' look.</p><p>"I think they should get fake fur and cut into it like we did in the back. If you've got a short fake fur, you can cut into it and paint into it and create a similar look without going into the extent of braiding it and cutting every single piece," she says. "If you get a fake fur with a dark base and light hair on the end, when you cut in, you actually get the lovely look. It's quite interesting."</p><p>Copying the curved shoulders will be trickier. "I would probably use a wire if I were a fan. For me to do that, it's a very clever cut of fiber I use after many years of learning how to do it. For fans, there are many ways to cheat it with wires and you can create that shape."</p>

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