Kiefer Sutherland Kiefer Sutherland

Although Fox's 24: Live Another Day has been billed as an all-new, 12-episode event series, the latest iteration of the Jack Bauer saga will feel very familiar to fans of the ticking-clock action series. 

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But is Jack in any position to win back Audrey's love? "Jack Bauer is harder and I think angrier than he's ever been," Sutherland says. "He's had to hide in Eastern Europe for four years, he's been estranged from his daughter and his grandchildren, he has not been able to go back to the country that he feels he served. That kind of isolation has made him really hard." Adds Gordon: "There is a price to pay for that kind of loneliness. Jack's learned empirically that people he gets close to don't end up in good places."

Although the sociopolitical climate has changed in the years since 24 left the airthe show manages to remain relevant. (For starters, the assassination plot appears to hinge on the use of drones.) So will this be "another day" for Jack Bauer rather than the show's final chapter?

"We designed this as a single event to tell the story of what happened to Jack Bauer after he went into exile," Coto says. "We're not sitting around pitching next season or holding out hope. But because we love the show and we love the characters in it we can't help from time to time throw out ideas for where, if the chance arose, where we would take this. Creatively, we could take this much further and would be excited to do so, but we also designed this to end where it ends. And if that's the case, we think it will be a fitting end to the saga."

24: Live Another Day's two-hour premiere airs Monday at 8/7c on Fox. For more info on the show, check out the first episode of's Watch This Tonight below: