Question: I just read your item about 24's Season 7 plot getting tossed out. What's the latest on the addition of the female president?

Answer: As far as I know it's still happening, but everything else is up in the air at this point. Even my BFF Mary Lynn Rajskub, whose contract option was only picked up last week, is in the dark about Day 7's direction. Not that the uncertainty is keeping her up nights. "I don't really have any strong feelings other than, 'Can I have hair extensions and more to do on the show? And bigger boobs?' But they're not going to go for that, because I can't get any hotter. People are going to freak out." All joking aside, ML admits she did find it "odd" that Chloe was given so little to do last season. It's a trend she doesn't see continuing, especially now that her ornery alter will be with child. "It's always a dicey thing to throw a baby into the mix, but I do think that with the character there's an opportunity. What would Chloe be like as a mom? It could go a number of ways. I kind of want to see her freak out a little bit." Her professional life will also be turned upside down, given that CTU will be out of the picture. Muses ML, "Maybe I'll just be at home with six computer monitors playing poker." Hey, I'd watch that!