Sorry for the late post! I've been in transit.

Ooh so Colie has bizarre-o abandonment issues. That's why she's such a skank. It's all coming together for me now; I knew something was up with that girl. You don't just tell a guy at a bar that you're good at b---jobs and not have some sort of emotional deficiency. Well, at least I think so. And you know Colie's got serious problems when Brooke is looking at her like she's crazy. What a messed up cast.

So the group finally gets back from Outward Bound, and I could not be happier that bull s--- is over. Colie had gone home early because she was sick - again. Strep throat this time? Why is Colie always sick? I honestly think it's just for attention, and we all know how much she craves that. Alex then walks around in a stupid bandanna, calls Colie "dude" and tells her she missed out on some serious fake-therapy love-ins around the camp fire. She seems to have moved on.

Then Colie goes out on a "date" with former Outward Bound instructor, Adam. I still don't know why he ever agrees to hang out with Colie because it seems like he can't stand her. And, of course, Colie is so desperate to have a male touching her at all times, she doesn't care what comes out of her mouth or what goes in. Ha! (Sorry about that.) She actually tells Adam she intends to call his mom to complain she's tired of stalking him. Who wouldn't want to date this girl? Especially with that charming slurred speech.

Colie decides that her relationship with Adam isn't "vibing." He "won't have sex with her," if you will. Colie then rationalizes jumping onto Alex when he comes home drunk and giving him a b---job so he'll sleep in her bed. Classy. Really, Colie, what guy who is black-out drunk is going to turn that down? Your emotional issues aren't an excuse for having absolutely no self-respect. And then, since she's apparently not over making Alex jealous, she promises the male model a b---job at a bar as well. Well, when you know you're good at something, right?

Oh, yeah. Davis was in this episode, too. Why can I never feel sorry for him? He's crying in confessional about his relationship with his mom and his sister, and it's sad. But I just don't feel for him at all. There's something so emotionally out of touch with him; he just reeks sociopath. And could he have been any grosser during his birthday night out? I know you're supposed to get wasted on your birthday, but why was he stripping for that girl? And why on earth was he naked at the computer? Other people have to sit on that chair! Why was there no explanation for that?

Davis' mother is so scary. Her "expressing her disappointment" on the phone was terrifying to me, even if she did have a right to be mad. And did she say she wasn't religious just after she finished lecturing her son about Jesus on the cross? Right. Oh, and I did not need to see pictures of Davis' childhood.

So, Thailand next episode! And Brooke needs to keep her mouth shut when it comes to her knowledge of other cultures.