Dear P.J., Mercii and Jared,

Take a lesson from Corey and get out now! If you haven't dumped these f***-ups after seeing this episode, then you deserve them. That's all I'm going to say. "Now let's get f***-ed up and drink some beer!"

I think this episode set the gay community back about 20 years, or at least it showed that the average person isn't as enlightened as I might have thought they were. Colie and Jenn just lying there and watching Davis and his guy having sex? Why were the guys OK with letting them do that? It's not some freak show. (I know I've said this before, but it was even worse this time.) And just because the girls have never seen it before, they get to treat the gay guys like some strange exhibit? And then Colie has the nerve to say, "Ugh. Let's go do something heterosexual." I thought if anyone would be open-minded about sex, it would be Colie and her big sack of horny desperation, but I guess not.

But thanks to Colie, we got a really juicy tidbit! Davis hooked up with this guy before?! How did MTV miss this? I didn't expect Davis to talk about it, being the delusional, amoral looney that he is, but why was this guy never on camera if he hooked up with Davis before? Scandalous! That better have been a deal-breaker for P.J., because that's just ridiculous. And while I'm beating this dead horse, Davis really seemed to believe he didn't do anything other than kiss this guy when Stephen was confronting him.... He's nuuuts!

So Stephen and Jenn hooking up was just... gross. Was I the only one who thought that? Their whole flirtation grossed me out for some reason. And sorry, a hungover visit to church to make you feel better about drunkenly cheating on your girlfriend is so lame to me. In general, this cast needs to learn to deal with the consequences of their actions themselves. Davis' "I want to be straight. I'm choosing to go to hell" speech was so painful. It offends me that he thinks it's a choice. I know he's had a horrible upbringing, but it's so offensive. He said his goal was to be a positive representative of the gay community, and I think he was the total opposite.

But overall, this was such an awesome episode. I guess MTV saved the best for last!

I thought it was funny: No one was crying over Alex, and Brooke was crying over everyone. Not what I expected. I wonder if Brooke really meant what she said about how being on a reality show gave her "new life," or if she was just so emotional and exhausted by that point she didn't know which way was up. I guess we'll see at the reunion!