The Bachelor is great, but savvy fans know that the real fun is on social media. Following current and former Bachelor cast members adds another layer of familiarity to the personalities you come to love (or hate) on the show. And sometimes new, all-digital drama emerges. The best way to keep up is on Snapchat, where folks are less guarded and welcome you into their lives in the most intimate way social media can allow. These are the 15 to follow during Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor.

1. Nick Viall - nickviall

The Bachelor himself goes a lot of VIP places — most importantly, the amazing Jerry Maguire video store — but always finds time to sunbathe.

2. Vanessa Grimaldi - vanessagrimaldi

The fan favorite is currently back home in Montreal working as a special education teacher, and she mostly uses Snapchat to share adorable snaps of her students.

3. Corinne Olympios - colympios

Nick's resident villain is at her best/worst on Instagram, where she's just as unhinged as she is on the show, but her Snapchat is pretty great, too — recently she shared a script for an episode of Ash vs. Evil Dead she was auditioning for, which is A) a wonderfully transparent disclosure of why she's really on the show and B) probably in violation of a non-disclosure agreement.

4. Kristina Schulman - kristinaschulma

This soft-spoken contestant has a good eye for photography.

5. Whitney Fransway - whitneyfransway

Whitney doesn't get a lot of burn on the show, so her Snapchat is the best place to get to know her.

6. Josephine Tutman - joleah92

This "wacky girl" is just as funny on Snapchat as she is on the show.

7. Jasmine Goode - jas_goode

Jasmine is ahead of the curve compared to her compatriots this season in the product-hawking game.

8. Olivia Caridi - oliviacaridi

On Snapchat, the villain of Ben Higgins' season makes a convincing case that she wasn't mean, just misunderstood. And her commentary on the current season is hilarious.

9. Caila Quinn - caila.quinn

Ben's third-place finisher is worth following for the shameless business acumen of her product endorsement game. She's a salesperson by trade, and she's on Alec Baldwin levels of ABC at all times.

10. Lauren Bushnell - lauren_bushnell

If beauty tips are your thing, Ben's fianceé has you covered.

11. JoJo Fletcher - jfletchaa

The reigning Bachelorette looks like she has a nice life with Jordan Rodgers and her dog Jackson.

12. Lace Morris - lovelylace3

This Bachelor in Paradise standout is always on the go.

13. Emily Ferguson - efergie13

The dominant twin records everything that's happening...

14. Haley Ferguson - hfergie11

...while her mellower sister puts her phone at the radio while she's driving. Hopefully their show will be more entertaining than this.

15. Kaitlyn Bristowe - snapbackbean

Nick's ex (one of many) isn't holding a torch for him — she has a lot of fun with Shawn Booth and their dog Tucker.

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