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Valentine's Day comes early to McKinley High in Tuesday's new episode of Glee (8/9c, Fox). got an early look at the love-soaked hour (titled "Yes/No") — and it is love-soaked. There are a few proposals, a shotgun wedding, broken hearts, an Oscar winner and a Real Housewives star at their bitchiest, a super supportive Coach Sue... wait, what?! Big shockers ahead. Check out 10 teases:

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1. How many times is the question popped? At least three people make the grand gesture. THREE! Only one gets an answer. And that, kids, is how you spell cliff-hanger.

2. Oh, and someone comes back to school already hitched. Surprise! The epiphany happened at Taco Bell and the knot was tied over the holiday break, elopement-style.

3. Why, it could be Grease lightnin'! No, the glee club isn't mounting a spring production of the deliciously raunchy musical (darn!) but this week's episode does kick off with a special, shot-by-shot remake of the oh-so-swoony "Summer Lovin'" — and you get only one guess as to which couple might be reminiscing about what happened over those months. Of course, Kurt and Santana split the role of Rizzo.

4. The week's whiteboard assignment? Romance Emma. Mr. Schue will enlist the kids to help him romance the socks off Emma. (It's Glee — get over it, people.) Fortunately, these kids do the most awesome job ever. (If you've the scoured the Internet for the playlist, you already know it's going to sound good, top to bottom.) Ultimately though, only one of the ideas — Sam's wet and wild one — will get the job done.

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5. Mercedes kinda sorta totally makes her mind up about Sam and Shane. How? She'll be singing one of the best love songs and the winning guy's face just pops into her head — not that she's prepared to do anything about it immediately.

6. Here's something Helen Mirren gets to say as the inner voice of [SPOILER!]: "Lay off, haters. OK, get realz." Right?! OK, OK, here's one more: "No Chang do — I'm no rice queen." Oh, to be a fly on the wall when Mirren hit the recording studio...

7. Speaking of Chang: Artie + Mike = Gold. First, they gave us "PYT," and now they get to move like Jagger. Swoon. We can't wait to see them reunited again in the Michael Jackson episode. A certain Warbler is going to give them something to, ahem, scream about.

8. Coach Sue spends the entire episode being supportive. You read that right. It's like she's still got the Christmas spirit running through her veins or something. And get this: All of her advice is about how to handle relationships. Just call her McKinley's new guidance counselor! The question is: How long can it last?

Helen Mirren to pay a royal visit to Glee

9. Finn gets some deeply troubling information from his mom. It's going to turn his world upside down and propel him to make a life-changing decision. The good news? Finn and his mom will break your heart into a million pieces and that's always welcome.

10. Someone's got a nipple that's lower than the other. And it's really going to weird out guest-star NeNe Leakes Coach Roz. Also a no-no? Pee in the pool.

Excited to see what will happen next? Who do you think is already married? Who's got nipple issues?  What do you want to see happen next on Glee? Sound off in the comments below.