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  • The Walking Dead

    Bonus Edition #716

    7:30PM | AMC

    Enhanced episode includes additional footage. In the Season 7 finale, the stakes keep mounting higher and higher as different stories clash, while the group enacts an intricate plan. Includes a bonus scene and cast interviews.

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  • 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days

    Line in the Sand (Season 1 | Episode 12)

    8:00PM | TLC

    Tensions rise as Larry's cousin confronts Jenny; Patrick makes a last-ditch effort to win over Myriam; Sean returns to Ohio uncertain about his future with Abby; Cortney worries about leaving Antonio in Spain; Paul makes a grand gesture for Karine.

  • America's Funniest Home Videos

    10-22-2017 (Season 28 | Episode 3)

    8:00PM | ABC

    Halloween-themed clips include kids' reactions to scary decorations; pets in funny costumes; a battle between a trick-or-treater and an animatronic hand; and a musical tribute to people getting scared. Also: Funny Face Swaps; a jealous monkey at the zoo.

  • Food Paradise

    Happy Hour (Season 12 | Episode 9)

    8:00PM | TRAVEL

    From a spot in San Diego to a Chicago bar that puts booze in the food, places with drinks and eats for the 5 o'clock crowd are featured.

  • Good Witch: Spellbound

    8:00PM | HALMRK

    An old prophecy is unearthed in the basement of city hall and its predictions start to come true, which causes Middleton's residents to fear a vengeful curse may ruin their lives. However, Cassie does her best to stop the curse during a Halloween party.

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  • Guy's Grocery Games

    One Shop Showdown (Season 14 | Episode 12)

    8:00PM | FOOD

    Four thrifty chefs are given only one five-minute shop and $60 to buy all the groceries to last them the entire competition. Dishes include a comfort classic breakfast; a spicy lunch; and a fried dinner.

  • Hawaii Life

    Relaxing on Maui

    8:00PM | HGTV

    Tired of their busy city life, a San Francisco couple decides to settle down on Maui to raise their one-year-old daughter. They hope to find a large home with a separate space for family to visit.

  • Outlander

    A. Malcolm (Season 3 | Episode 6)

    8:00PM | STARZ

    After decades apart, Jamie and Claire finally reunite and rekindle their emotional and physical bonds. But Jamie's new business dealings jeopardize the couples' hopes for a simple life together.

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  • Shahs of Sunset

    Reunion Part 1

    8:00PM | BRAVO

    As the Shahs look back on their trip to Israel and their efforts to bring some peace to the Middle East, they waste no time reopening old wounds. Asa accuses Mike of being racially insensitive both abroad and at home; and when Asa confronts Mercedes about calling her child a "bastard," years of conflict finally reach the breaking point.

  • The Durrells in Corfu on Masterpiece

    Season 2: Episode Two (Season 2 | Episode 2)

    8:00PM | PBS

    Louisa has an idea to boost Larry's writing career, but it doesn't go well; Leslie starts a distillery; Pavlos tries to inspire Margo's spiritual side; and Gerry tries out tutors.

  • The Simpsons

    Treehouse of Horror XXVIII (Season 29 | Episode 4)

    8:00PM | FOX

    Maggie becomes possessed by an ancient demon; Lisa discovers a creepy and perfect version of her family in an alternate universe; and Homer cannibalizes himself.

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  • Sunday Night Football: Atlanta Falcons at New England Patriots

    Atlanta Falcons at New England Patriots

    8:20PM | NBC

    Atlanta Falcons (3-2) at New England Patriots (4-2). From Gillette Stadium. Meeting for the first time since the historic Super Bowl LI, Matt Ryan leads the Falcons to face the Patriots. New England QB Tom Brady leads the NFL with 1959 passing yards.

  • Ghosted

    Lockdown (Season 1 | Episode 4)

    8:30PM | FOX

    LaFrey's boss puts the whole office on lockdown when a deadly amphibious creature escapes in the Bureau Underground, giving Max and Leroy only 30 minutes to eliminate the threat. Unbeknownst to the team, the Sparkletts water boy is locked in the building with them, as well. Amidst the chaos, Leroy starts to suspect that Annie has a crush on Max.

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  • Hawaii Life

    Oahu's Aloha Spirit

    8:30PM | HGTV

    A newly married couple misses the spirit of their Hawaiian hometown. They quickly jump at the opportunity to move back home to Oahu and buy their first house together. With the help of their agent, the couple seeks an open-concept home on the windward side of the island.

  • Wisdom of the Crowd

    User Bias (Season 1 | Episode 4)

    8:30PM | CBS

    The San Francisco police department seeks Sophe's help on a politically charged murder case following a rally in the city.

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  • Alaska: The Last Frontier

    The Day the Cattle Swam (Season 7 | Episode 4)

    9:00PM | DSC

    Otto and Elvin race to ready the barge to move wild buffalo; Jane and Charlotte lead the Kilchers' first-ever, all-female cattle drive; Atz Sr. and Atz Lee protect a homestead relic.

  • Family Guy

    Follow the Money (Season 16 | Episode 4)

    9:00PM | FOX

    After Chris gets a special dollar bill for his birthday and quickly loses it, the dollar gets passed from character to character throughout Quahog.

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  • Halloween Wars

    Zombie Cooking Show (Season 7 | Episode 4)

    9:00PM | FOOD

    The three remaining teams go into battle to create stunning and scrumptious Halloween-themed displays that imagine what happens when a horrifying undead ghoul hosts their own zombie cooking show. Bryan Fuller, executive producer and creator of "Hannibal" and "American Gods," joins the judging panel.

  • Island Life

    Horsing Around on Amelia Island (Season 9 | Episode 14)

    9:00PM | HGTV

    A couple dreams of returning to Amelia Island and moving into a large house with a pool that could host their extended family.

  • Keeping Up With the Kardashians

    Clothes Quarters (Season 14 | Episode 5)

    9:00PM | E!

    Kourtney plans a fun sister getaway to bond with Kendall, but is distracted by news of Scott's destructive behavior back home. Meanwhile, Kim stages an unwelcome intervention on Khloé's wardrobe.

  • Poldark on Masterpiece

    Season 3, Episode Four (Season 3 | Episode 4)

    9:00PM | PBS

    With Dwight languishing in a French prison, Ross takes a desperate gamble. Drake joins Ross' mission after Morwenna breaks with him. George jockeys for a triumph in politics.

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  • Ray Donovan

    Michael (Season 5 | Episode 11)

    9:00PM | SHO

    Ray searches for Frank Barnes in an attempt to get Bridget out of jail. In New York, Terry deals with the return of Damon's father and takes care of Smitty at Bridget's request. Back in Los Angeles, Teresa makes a confession to Bunchy.

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  • Shark Tank

    Episode 825 (Season 9 | Episode 5)

    9:00PM | ABC

    Products include a line of shirts for men 5'8" and under; a high-end photo booth; no-drill, no-hole curtain-rod brackets; and a personal flotation device with multifunctional options.

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  • The Deuce

    Au Reservoir (Season 1 | Episode 7)

    9:00PM | HBO

    Candy eyes a different job on Harvey's set, but Lori struggles with the demands of porn acting; C.C., Larry and Rodney worry that pimps are becoming obsolete as the police push their business off the streets; Ashley hangs out with Frankie, but later winds up at Abby's door; Alston finds himself singled out by the precinct's new captain; Abby asks Vincent to be her escort at her family's lavish party.

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  • The Walking Dead

    Mercy (Season 8 | Episode 1)

    9:00PM | AMC

    In the Season 8 premiere, Rick and his group, along with the Kingdom and Hilltop, band together to bring the fight to Negan and the Saviors.

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  • Xtreme Screams

    The Beast (Season 1 | Episode 5)

    9:00PM | TRAVEL

    Adrenaline junkies whip off a 164-foot-high bridge in Taupo, New Zealand; spin like a top on a pendulum swing in Vancouver; and fly down a drop that is steeper than steep in Fujiyoshida, Japan.

  • 90 Day Fiancé

    Bring on the 90 Days (Season 6 | Episode 3)

    9:01PM | TLC

    The 90 days begin for two couples as foreign fiancés land in the U.S. Meanwhile, Elizabeth's friends have concerns about Andrei before she heads to Ireland; and Azan welcomes Nicole and May in Morocco, and is faced with parenting a toddler.

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  • NCIS: Los Angeles

    Plain Sight (Season 9 | Episode 4)

    9:30PM | CBS

    Weapons with a $1 million street value are stolen and the team tracks the evidence to a wealthy charity event. Mosley gets added to the guest list, with Callen and Sam as her security detail.

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  • The Last Man on Earth

    Wisconsin (Season 4 | Episode 4)

    9:30PM | FOX

    Carol panics when Todd and Melissa leave for their honeymoon and Erica and Gail decide to live on their own for a while. She and Tandy devise the ultimate plan to convince everyone it's safer to stick together.

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  • Xtreme Screams

    Shark Bait (Season 1 | Episode 6)

    9:30PM | TRAVEL

    Longtime friends screech down a record-breaking roller coaster in Ohio, while surfing buddies plunge off the top of the food chain in South Africa. And riders thunder down New Zealand's longest river.

  • BET Her Fights: Breast Cancer

    10:00PM | BET

    Keyshia Cole, Alice Smith, Sevyn Streeter and Xscape perform in this special geared to raising awareness about the fight against breast cancer. Naturi Naughton hosts.

  • Countdown to Christmas Preview Show

    10:00PM | HALMRK

    A sneak peek at 21 original Christmas movies airing on Hallmark Channel this holiday season. Hosted by Candace Cameron-Bure.

  • Curb Your Enthusiasm

    Running With the Bulls (Season 9 | Episode 4)

    10:00PM | HBO

    Larry bribes an usher at a funeral; Susie grows suspicious of Jeff; Larry's therapist accuses him of overstepping.

  • Good Behavior

    I Want You to Leave a Person Alive for Once (Season 2 | Episode 2)

    10:00PM | TNT

    Javier heads out on his annual solo camping trip to commemorate the death of his baby brother. But when Letty discovers this is a lie and Javier accepted an assignment in order to provide for Letty and Jacob, she sets out to stop him. In other events, Ava's ex-boyfriend from Argentina shows up amid unusual circumstances.

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  • Haunted USA

    New York (Season 1 | Episode 3)

    10:00PM | TRAVEL

    Tourists visit the sinister core of New York.

  • Mexico Life

    Entertaining Puerto Vallarta

    10:00PM | HGTV

    After falling in love at a local school, a couple wants to move their family to the Mexican city of Puerto Vallarta. They're looking for a house with a lot of entertaining space so they can host members of the local community that have welcomed them.

  • Overwatch Contenders

    Episode 12 (Season 1 | Episode 12)

    10:00PM | DISXD

    eSports are featured.

  • Ten Days in the Valley

    Day 4: Below the Line (Season 1 | Episode 4)

    10:00PM | ABC

    Jane goes down a dark path due to her belief that Pete took Lake, and this leads to danger. Meanwhile, Bird digs further into Lake's disappearance and begins to unravel Jane's lies.

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  • The Collection on Masterpiece

    Episode Three (Season 1 | Episode 3)

    10:00PM | PBS

    Paul presents his make-or-break collection of gowns. A rival tries to sabotage Nina's starring moment. The body found at Paul's cottage makes more trouble. Billy and Nina make up.

  • The Platinum Life

    After THOT (Season 1 | Episode 2)

    10:00PM | E!

    Asiah decides to throw a summer bash after her brunch was derailed by Crystal's group trip to see Jennifer Lopez in Las Vegas. Crystal and Asiah work through their issues, but they hit a snag when Asiah sends Crystal a late invite to her party.

  • White Famous

    Woo (Season 1 | Episode 3)

    10:00PM | SHO

    Floyd's commitment to "Angry Black" wavers after learning Sadie's new boyfriend has been cast as his co-star; Malcolm goes head-to-head with a sexy rival from his past who is attempting to poach his clients; a chance fling with the network president's wife looms large over Floyd's fledging career; Balls has a brush-in with love.

  • Edge of Alaska

    Uprooted (Season 4 | Episode 3)

    10:02PM | DSC

    The town works to recover from the devastation of a powerful windstorm. Jeremy discovers his barn is destroyed, Mark must clear damaged trees, and Lobo makes a trip with fragile loot.

  • Michel'le: Still Standing

    10:02PM | LIFE

    Wendy Williams interviews American R&B singer and songwriter Michel'le. Included: her relationship with her kids and ex's; the new direction of her career; and her current connection with her fans. Featuring never-before-seen footage of special moments with her family and friends.

  • My Giant Life

    No Ships Like Friendships (Season 3 | Episode 6)

    10:03PM | TLC

    Katja and Julie visit a gym for advice on exercising during pregnancy; Krista suspects Lindsay has an alcohol problem and takes her to destruction therapy; Haleigh and Bryan attend a birthing class to find out what's in store.

  • Talking Dead

    Talking Dead #801 (Season 7 | Episode 1)

    10:07PM | AMC

    Guests discuss "The Walking Dead" season premiere, "Mercy."

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  • Madam Secretary

    The Essentials (Season 4 | Episode 3)

    10:30PM | CBS

    Elizabeth tries to fund an electrical grid in a Syrian refugee camp before riots break out in the country due to a lack of electricity and water. Meanwhile, Henry searches for Dmitri when he goes missing.

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  • Mexico Life

    No Sleep 'til Tulum

    10:30PM | HGTV

    A globetrotting couple from Brooklyn falls in love with Tulum and seeks a permanent home there for their family. The city's culture and activities make it ideal for raising their son, and Mexico's sun and sand is a perk the whole family can enjoy.

  • White Famous

    Woo (Season 1 | Episode 3)

    10:30PM | SHO

    Floyd's commitment to "Angry Black" wavers after learning Sadie's new boyfriend has been cast as his co-star; Malcolm goes head-to-head with a sexy rival from his past who is attempting to poach his clients; a chance fling with the network president's wife looms large over Floyd's fledging career; Balls has a brush-in with love.

  • Vice Principals

    The Most Popular Boy (Season 2 | Episode 6)

    10:33PM | HBO

    Russell's job is in jeopardy due to a plot to sabotage a standardized test, and Gamby is caught in the middle.

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