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  • 90 Day Fiancé

    Extended: Where Do We Go From Here?

    9:00PM | TLC

    In an extended episode, Danielle and Mohamed face off; Chantel and Pedro prepare to walk down the aisle; Russ and Pao are at a crossroads; and Anfisa and Jorge meet to discuss the future of their relationship.

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  • Baller Wives

    102 (Season 1 | Episode 2)

    9:00PM | VH1

    Miko Grimes, wife of Brent Grimes, confronts Aja Crowder and her husband Channing. Stacey gets ready to give birth while Kijafa deals with her own pregnancy. Single moms Crystal and Emmaly battle it out as they defend their reputations.

  • Intervention

    Clint (Season 17 | Episode 4)

    9:00PM | A&E

    A man battles addictions to crystal meth and opiods.

  • Man v. Food

    Sleepy Hollow, NY (Season 1 | Episode 5)

    9:00PM | TRAVEL

    Casey Webb visits spooky Sleepy Hollow, N.Y., where he tries the massive Headless Horseman Burger and takes on the Dawg House Challenge in which a roll of the dice chooses 12 insanely topped hot dogs that he must eat in under 30 minutes.

  • NOVA

    Eclipse Over America (Season 44 | Episode 11)

    9:00PM | PBS

    Scientists and citizens alike observe the first total solar eclipse to traverse the U.S. mainland in more than a generation. Included: the storied history of eclipse science; and cutting-edge research into the solar corona.

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  • Preacher

    Dirty Little Secret (Season 2 | Episode 10)

    9:00PM | AMC

    Jesse connects with an unlikely source and learns more about God's whereabouts; and Tulip can't forgive Jesse when she finds out he's been lying to her.

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  • Street Outlaws: New Orleans


    9:00PM | DSC

    After a successful season, the NOLA racers decide to loosen things up with a crash-up derby, using junker cars towing trailers. They find rides at the salvage yard and swipe trailers from family for the big showdown.

  • Teen Mom 2

    Motherducker (Season 8 | Episode 7)

    9:00PM | MTV

    Kailyn is furious when her pregnancy is leaked; Briana's mom confronts Luis about the new baby; Aubree gets overexcited about Chelsea's new pets; Ali makes a heartbreaking confession to Leah; and Jace spends his first weekend at Jen's.

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  • The IGN Show

    Episode 16 (Season 1 | Episode 16)

    9:00PM | DISXD

    New and highlights from the video game industry.

  • The New Age of Terror

    War Without End (Season 1 | Episode 2)

    9:00PM | HIST

    The war on terror enters a new phase as homegrown lone wolves begin to strike in the U.S. The American military apparatus struggles to contain a threat that has moved to a new battlefield: the internet. Included: tragedies in Boston, San Bernardino and Orlando; new and unexpected allies join the counter offensive, including hackers and U.S. businesses; a climate of fear gives rise to more hate; and more.

  • Man v. Food

    Houston, TX (Season 1 | Episode 6)

    9:30PM | TRAVEL

    Casey Webb two-steps down to Houston for some Tex-Mex tastiness, including a colossal 22-ounce chicken-fried steak and the ultimate spicy challenge: a burger topped with seven of the world's hottest chile peppers.


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