• 1969
  • Movie
  • M
  • Political

A chilling, manipulative rollercoaster ride. Originally subtitled "The Anatomy of a Political Assassination," this intense political thriller is based on the real-life 1963 killing of Gregorios Lambrakis, a Greek liberal whose extreme popularity and advocacy of peace shook the stability of the government in power. Starring is Yves Montand, who, although...read more

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The Deputy (Yves Montand), just arrived in the un-named country that can only be Greece, planning the rally, thug Yago (Renato Salvatori) and pals bea (more…)
Beginning during the credits, with the famous non-disclaimer, the General (Pierre Dux) leads fellow authorities discussing politics in metaphor, openi (more…)
Widow Helene (Irene Papas) and the journalist (Jacques Perrin) observe crowds mourning the deputy with the Z symbol, as the prosecutor (Jean-Louis Tri (more…)
Flanked by aides (Charles Denner, Bernard Fresson), police not helping, The Deputy (Yves Montand) is forced to cross a hostile crowd for his rally, at (more…)
Helene (Irene Papas), wife of the assaulted Deputy, (Yves Montand) arrives at the hospital, with flashbacks, official apologies and a poor diagnosis, (more…)