Australian opera singer Louise Fuller (Grace Moore) overstays her Mexican visa and is consequently detained by immigration officials along with her manager, Marianne Woods (Aline MacMahon), and an ever-present trio of groupies (Catherine Doucet, Luis Alberni, and Gerald Oliver Smith). The

detention jeopardizes the singer's chance to perform at a festival run by her old maestro (Henry Stephenson), so Marianne hits on the idea of arranging a marriage of convenience to get Louise back into the US. Enter witty young artist Jimmy Hudson (Cary Grant), who is willing to wed and then

divorce Louise for the right price. Not surprisingly, it isn't long before Jimmy really does fall for his new bride, demanding that she get rid of her hangers-on and run away with him. She agrees, then changes her mind, setting the stage for the climactic festival appearance and the lovers'

eventual reunion. WHEN YOU'RE IN LOVE is a charming little musical, full of bright, witty moments and enjoyable numbers, sparked by the chemistry between Moore and Grant. Robert Riskin, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT, made his only foray into direction here and did just

fine, moving the material along at an easy pace. The film's songs include: "Our Song," "The Whistling Boy" (Jerome Kern, Dorothy Fields), "Minnie the Moocher" (Cab Calloway, Irving Mills, Clarence Gaskill), "In the Gloaming" (Meta Orred, Annie F. Harrison), "Siboney" (Dolly Morse, Ernest Lecuona),

as well as "Serenade" and "The Waltz Song" from Franz Schubert's "Romeo and Juliet."