Tom Cruise Ray Ferrier
Miranda Otto Mary Ann
Tim Robbins Harlan Ogilvy
Lenny Venito Manny the Mechanic
Marlon Young News Cameraman
John Eddins News Van Driver
Peter Gerety Hatch Boss/Load Manager
Miguel Antonio Ferrer Brazilian Neighbor
January LaVoy Brazilian Neighbor's Wife
Stephen Gevedon Neighbor with Lawnmower
Marianni Ebert Hysterical Woman
Rafael Sardina Mechanic's Assistant
Amy Ryan Neighbor with Toddler
Ed Vassallo Intersection Guy
Michael Arthur Intersection Guy
Danny Hoch Intersection Guy Cop
Sharrieff Pugh Man Studying Street
Omar Jermaine Man Holding Woman
Tracy Howe Crowd Onlooker
Laura Zoe Quist Crowd Onlooker
Ana Maria Quintana Crowd Onlooker
Lorelei Llee Crowd Onlooker
Mark Manley Ferry Worker
John Scurti Ferry Captain
Becky Ann Baker Disaster Relief Volunteer
Mariann Mayberry Mother
Ty Simpkins 3 Year Old Boy
Tommy Guiffre National Guardsman
Ed Schiff Older Man
Ellen Barry Woman From Upstate
Amy Hohn Panicky Woman
David Conley Ill-Informed Guy
Daniel Eric Gold Conspiracy Buff
Booker T. Washington Conspiracy Debunker
Eric Zuckerman Doomsday Guy
Daniel A. Jacobs Younger Man
Asha R. Nanavati Woman in Crowd
Joaquin Perez-Campbell Young Soldier in Tank
Dendrie Taylor Well Meaning Mother
James Dumont Well Meaning Father
Travis Aaron Wade War of the Worlds Soldier
Benny Ciaramello War of the Worlds Soldier
Ricky Luna War of the Worlds Soldier
Columbus Short War of the Worlds Soldier
Kent Faulcon War of the Worlds Soldier
Terry Thomas Marine Major
Clay Bringhurst Airforce Pilot
Jorge-Luis Pallo Army Private
Kirsten Nelson Businesswoman
Chris Todd Man in Basket
Bruce W. Derdoski Boston Soldier
John N. Morales Boston Soldier
Morgan Freeman Narrator