Michael Jeffrey Social Worker
Dawn Tinsley Social Worker
David Scales Lillian's Male Friend
Doug Washington Nina's Uncle
Anisa Dickens Kiki
Thomas Shelton Man Working In Lillian's Yard
Mary Aytes "Babysis"
Marguerita Austin Woman Married A Long Time
Shelby Ware Woman Worried About Boyfriend
Nathalie Le Floch Dog Owner
Brenda Parker Teacher
Samuel Flynn Insurance Salesman
Chichie Tascoe Canine Designer
Wanda Dickens Wanda
Hermine Douglas Secretary
Alan Douglas Computer Business Owner
Dynisha Dickens Niecy
Yontiama Price Nina's Friend
Michael Derricott Wanda's Boyfriend
Clifton Jones Man Near Interstate Road
Bernice Baker Woman Giving Nina a Ride
Ann Shaw Lillian's Sister
Ulis Shelton Lillian's Male Friend
Judy Pollard Woman At Table In Sub Shop
Judy Jennell Worker Cleaning Table
Jim Jennell Worker Taking Orders
Jim Jennell Assistant Behind Counter
Cecil Hooker Man Playing Violin
Laura Oaksmith Woman In Chair
Keith Birdsong Tall Man At Pond
Bill Brock Stocky Man At Pond
Helen Jervey Woman In Log Cabin
Elizabeth Cox Cheerleader
Mary Page Flournoy Sick Patient
Rusty Norment Man On Farm
Barbara Brooks Woman At Front Door
Patricia Alli Mother at First Baby-Sitting Job
Gerald Alli Father at First Baby-Sitting Job
Ingrid Alli Oldest Child
Andrew Alli Middle Child
Alexandra Alli Youngest Child
Aleta Elsayed Assistant
Lowaunz Koger Assistant
Bushra Elsayed Boy With Dog
Carmela Hamm Wanda's Friend
Brittney Tennyson Young Sister
Ashley Tennyson Older Sister
Isaac Watson 2nd Quiet Child
Scott Millner 1st Tutor
Mark Ching 2nd Tutor
Rebecca Humphrey Cat Owner
Trebriel Larry Little Baby In Park
Brandon Flynn Little Baby On Sofa
Barbara Selby Flynn
J'giann Paige Real Estate Agent
Tracy Cathell Person Buying Home
Sterling Black Real Estate Boss
Michael Murphy Artist Painting Nude
Dawnamaria Johnson Woman Talking About Marriage
Jody Lomenzo Woman Confused About Life
David O'Neil Young Tutor
Joyce Wardrick Mother of Nina's Date
Roger Barker Car Salesman
Rachel Bennett First Twin
Katy Bennett Second Twin
Mary Winger Bennett Mother
Steve Bennett Artist In Backyard Studio
Garrison Edwards Visitor From Next Door