At a college campus a relationship grows between Fonda, an art student, and Hugueny, a student teacher. The friends become lovers, and finally Hugueny becomes pregnant. Fonda, with no source of income, thinks marrying the girl would damage his future, so Hugueny decides to get an

abortion and forget about Fonda. She can't bring herself to go through with it, though. With the help of her mother, Straight, Hugueny leaves town; but Fonda--with newly acquired maturity--realizes that he must assume responsibility for his actions, so he follows her. This "youth in trouble" film

is hardly fresh in story content and lacks production values. The young cast, however--particularly Fonda--gives the picture a much-needed boost. The direction is choppy, with a somewhat confusing time frame, but the cast proves able to overcome the problems and the inherent soap-opera qualities

of the script. Fonda was not the only second-generation Hollywood brat associated with the film. THE YOUNG LOVERS marks the debut as producer and director of Samuel Goldwyn, Jr.