The Wizard Of Oz Movie

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There's no place like home, and there will never be another movie like this one, a dazzling fantasy musical so beautifully directed and acted that it deserves its classic status. Forget that it's nearly 60 years old, that here and there it creaks a tiny bi… (more)

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Judy Garland Dorothy
Ray Bolger Hunk/The Scarecrow
Bert Lahr Zeke/The Cowardly Lion
Jack Haley Hickory/The Tin Woodsman
Margaret Hamilton Miss Gulch/The Wicked Witch
Pat Walshe Nikko
Frank Morgan Prof. Marvel/The Wizard/Guard/Coachman
The Singer Midgets Munchkins
Terry the Dog Toto
Charles Becker Munchkin Mayor
Leon Polinsky Munchkin #1
Frank H. "Cookie" Cucksey Munchkin #2
Billy Curtis Munchkin City Father
Jack Glicken Munchkin City Father
Nicholas Page Munchkin City Father
Matthew Raia Munchkin City Father
Murray Wood Munchkin City Father
Jakob "Jackie" Gerlich Lollipop Guild Member
Gerald Marenghi Lollipop Guild Member
Harry Earles Lollipop Guild Member
Nita Krebs Lullabye League Member
Yvonne Moray Lullabye League Member
"Little Olga" C. Nardone Lullabye League Member
Karl Kosickzy Munchkin Trumpeter #1
Carl M. "Little Kayo" Erickson Munchkin Trumpeter #2
Clarence Chesterton Howerton Munchkin Trumpeter #3
Fredreich Retter Munchkin Fiddler
James D. Doyle Munchkin Elder Statesman
Johnny Winters Munchkin Navy Commander
Victor Wetter Munchkin Army Captain
Denis Bernatets Munchkin Sergeant at Arms
Lewis Croft Munchkin Soldier
Parnell Elmer St. Aubin Munchkin Soldier
Jakob Hofbauer Munchkin Soldier
Willi Koestner Munchkin Soldier
Garland "Earl" Slatten Munchkin Soldier
Gus Wayne Munchkin Soldier
Clarence Swenson Munchkin Soldier
Buster Brody Winged Monkey
Sid Dawson Winged Monkey
Walter Miller Munchkin Soldier/Winged Monkey
Harry Miller Munchkin Villager/Winged Monkey
Fern Formica Munchkin Maid
W.H. O'Docharty Munchkin on Carriage
Gladys W. Allison Munchkin
John Ballas Munchkin
Josefine "Fini" Balluck Munchkin
Franz "Mike" Balluck Munchkin
John T. Bambury Munchkin
Freda Betsky Munchkin
Harry Boers Munchkin
Theodore Boers Munchkin
Christine Buresh Munchkin
Eddie Buresh Minchkin
Lida Buresh Munchkin
Colonel Casper Munchkin
Nona Cooper Munchkin
Tommy Cottonaro Munchkin
Eugene S. David Munchkin
Eulie H. David Munchkin
Ethel W. Denis Munchkin
Hazel I. Derthick Munchkin
Addie Eva Frank Munchkin
Thaisa L. Garnder Munchkin
Mickey Carroll Munchkin
William A. Giblin Munchkin
Carolyn E. Granger Munchkin
Joseph Herbst Munchkin
James R. Hulse Munchkin
Helen M. Hoy Munchkin
Marguerite A. Hoy Munchkin
Robert Kanter Munchkin
Charles E. Kelley Munchkin
Jessie E. Kelley Munchkin
Frank Kikel Munchkin
Bernard "Harry" Klima Munchkin
Emma Koestner Munchkin
Mitzi Koestner Munchkin
Adam Edwin Kozicki Munchkin
Joseph J. Koziel Munchkin
Dolly Kramer Munchkin
Emil Kranzler Munchkin
"Little Jeane" LaBarbera Munchkin
Hilda Lange Munchkin
Johnny Leal Munchkin
Ann Rice Leslie Munchkin
Charles Ludwig Munchkin
Dominick Magro Munchkin
Charles Manzo Munchkin
Howard Marco Munchkin
Bela Matina Munchkin
Lajos "Leo" Matina Munchkin
Matjus Matina Munchkin
George Ministeri Munchkin
Nels P. Nelson Munchkin
Margaret C.H. Nickloy Munchkin
Franklin H. O'Baugh Munchkin
Hildred C. Olson Munchkin
Leona M. Parks Munchkin
Johnny Pizo Munchkin
Lillian Porter Munchkin
Margaret "Margie" Raia Munchkin
Gertrude H. Rice Munchkin
Hazel Rice Munchkin
Ruth L. Robinson Munchkin
Sandor Roka Munchkin
Jimmie Rosen Munchkin
Albert Ruddinger Munchkin
Elly A. Schneider Munchkin
Daisy Earles Munchkin
Frieda Schneider Munchkin
Elsie Reinking Schultz Munchkin
Charles Silvern Munchkin
Ruth E. Smith Munchkin
Elmer Spangler Munchkin
Carl Stephan Munchkin
Alta M. Stevens Munchkin
George Suchsie Munchkin
Charlotte V. Sullivan Munchkin
Betty D. Toczylowski Munchkin
Arnold Vierling Munchkin
Gracie G. Williams Munchkin
Margaret Williams Munchkin
Marie Winters Munchkin
Charles Wojnarksi Munchkin
Helen Wojnarski Munchkin
Stella Wojnarski Munchkin
Gladys V. Wolff Munchkin

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