Margaret Rutherford The Grand Duchess Gloriana
John Phillips Bracewell
Roddy McMillan Benter
Tom Aldredge Wendover
Peter Sallis Russian Delegate
Mario Fabrizi Valet
Jan Conrad Russian Aide
Guy Deghy German Scientist
Richard Marner Russian Air Force General
Allan Cuthbertson Members of Whitehall Conference
Robin Bailey Members of Whitehall Conference
Gerald Anderson Members of Whitehall Conference
Gordon Phillott Civil Servant
George Chisholm Wine Waiter
Rosemary Scott Launching Lady
Frank Duncan News Announcer
Ed Bishop American Astronaut
Billy Edwards American Astronaut
Laurence Herder Russian Cosmonaut
Harvey Hall Russian Cosmonaut
Coral Morphew Peasant Girl
Bruce Lacey Bandleader
Lucy Griffiths Ladies-in-Waiting
Carol Dowell Ladies-in-Waiting
Carolyn Pertwee June
Sandra Hampton April
Kevin Scott American Journalist
Michael Caspi
Paul Cole
Murray Kash
Robert Haynos
Beverly Bennett