The Land That Time Forgot

  • 1975
  • Movie
  • PG
  • Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction

A children's adventure film about a couple of American survivors held captive on a German sub that goes off course. The sub runs out of fuel and is forced to land on an uncharted island in the Antarctic. The island is filled with prehistoric animals and cavemen. There is also a primitive oil refinery, which the crew finally reaches by fighting off more

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(Movie Clip) All The Ages Of Earth
Somewhere in 1916, American Tyler (Doug McClure), the Germans (commanded by John McEnery) and British (by Keith Barron), have pretty well joined force (more…)
(Movie Clip) Big Crocodile
American Tyler (Doug McCure) at the con of the WWI German U-Boat commandeered from its captain (John McEnery), English companions Lisa (Susan Penhalig (more…)
The Land That Time Forgot trailer
A World War I U-boat takes a wrong turn and discovers The Land That Time Forgot (1975), a lost world of dinosaurs and cavemen.