The Final Countdown

  • 1980
  • Movie
  • PG
  • Fantasy, Science Fiction, War

America's finest nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the USS Nimitz, is thrown through a time warp from 1980 to Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. Will the crew intervene? Will the course of history be changed forever? Martin Sheen is a hapless observer aboard ship, Charles Durning is a senator who sees the political implications in the situation, and Kirk more



Director (1 Credit)
Writer (4 Credits)
David Ambrose
Gerry Davis
Producer (1 Credit)
Exec. Producer (1 Credit)
Richard R. St. Johns
Assoc. Producer (1 Credit)
Cinematographer (1 Credit)
Victor J. Kemper
Editor (1 Credit)
Robert K. Lambert
Musical Composer (1 Credit)
Production Designer (1 Credit)
Fernando Carrere
Costumes (1 Credit)
Ray Summers