Jack Nicholson Costello
Martin Sheen Queenan
Ray Winstone Mr. French
Vera Farmiga Madolyn
Alec Baldwin Ellerby
Thomas B. Duffy Governor
Dick Hughes Uncle Edward
Mary Klug Billy's Aunt
Peg Saurman Holzemer Mrs. Kennefick
Gurdeep Singh Pakistani Proprietor
Armen Garo Providence Gangster #1
John Cenatiempo Providence Gangster #2
Joseph Riccobene Kneecapped Bankrobber
Billy Smith Detective #1 Tailing Queenan
Lyman Chen Translator
Kevin P. McCarthy Detective #1 -- Colin's Unit
Chris Fischer Detective #2 -- Colin's Unit
Brian Smyj Mann Glassed in Bar
Anthony Estrella Police Camera Tech
Andrew Breving Police Cell Phone Tech
Tracey Paleo Darlene the Secretary
Douglas Crosby Man Killed by French
Frank Mallicoat News Anchor
Paula DeMers Billy's Mother
Amanda Lynch Carmen
Patrick Coppola Bookie Harassed by French
Mick O'Rourke Jimmy Bags
Deborah Carlson Sister Mary Theresa
Nellie Sciutto Queenan's Secretary
Peter Welch Other Prisoner
Henry Yuk Chinese Government Man
Dennis Lynch Costello's Crew #1
Michael Byron Costello's Crew #2
Billy Lee Costello's Crew #3
John Rue Luncheonette Proprietor
Peter Crafts Man in Costello's Bar
Joseph Reidy Priest with Young Colin
John Farrer Priest at Billy's Funeral
Paris Karounos Jimmy Pappas
Brian Haley Detective #2 Tailing Queenan
Terry Serpico Detective #3 Tailing Queenan
Jay Giannone Detective #4 Tailing Queenan
John J. Price Lynn Detective
Bo Cleary Drill Instructor #2
David Conley Gang Member with Mr. French
Victor Chan Chinese Delivery Man
Jill Brown Executed Woman
Sarah Fearon French's Wife
Tom Kemp Billy Costigan Sr.
Denece Ryland Woman Doctor
Zachary Pauliks Young Billy
Daniel F. Risteen Crack House Cop #1
Francis P. Hughes Crack House Cop #2
Johnny Cicco Crack Addict
Shay Duffin Bartender at Brasserie
John M. McConnell Bookie in Costello's Bar
Kenneth Stoddard State Trooper #1
Jeffrey Winter State Trooper #2
Paddy Curran New Guy
Mark Philip Patrick New Guy
David Fischer Executed Man
Walter Y.F. Wong Waiter in Alley
Tony M. Lee Waiter in Alley
Francesca Scorsese Little Girl at Airport
Alex Morris Young Man at Airport
Emma Tillinger Woman with Dog
Craig "Radioman" Castaldo Crack House Denizen