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Stranger Than Fiction

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A trippy trifle from the Charlie Kaufman/Michel Gondry school of pop metafiction, STRANGER THAN FICTION is first-time screenwriter Zach Helm's existential riff on the angst of an ordinary fellow who discovers that what he thought was his life is actually a… (more)

Released: 2006

Rating: PG-13

User Rating:4.36 out of 5 (11 ratings)

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Will Ferrell Harold Crick
Maggie Gyllenhaal Ana Pascal
Dustin Hoffman Professor Jules Hilbert
Queen Latifah Penny Escher
Emma Thompson Kay Eiffel
Linda Hunt Dr. Mittag-Leffler
William Dick Co-Worker No. 1
Guy Massey Male Co-Worker
Martha Espinoza Female IRS No. 1
TJ Jagodowski Another Co-Worker
Peter Grosz Co-Worker No. 2
Ricky Adams Young Boy
Denise Hughes Carla
Tonray Ho Female Co-Worker
Danny Rhodes Bakery Employee
Helen Young Customer
Larry Neumann Homeless Man
John Mohriein Man with Hose
Kristin Chenoweth Anchorwoman
Bradley Mott Large Man on Bus
John Watson Author No. 1
David Wiegers Customer with Mohawk
Jarrett Sleeper Customer No. 2
Karen Lloyd Customer No. 4
Tab Baker Another Crew Member
Thomas R. Trojanowski Professor
Tim Simons Sales Representative
Christian Young ER Doctor
Arraon Hixson Young Man Patient
Bryan Kelly Orderly
Whitney Sneed Nurse No. 2
Ray Kurut Doctor
Celeste Pechous Nurse No. 1
Cheryl Graeff Secretary
Chet Dubowski Man in Tweed
Sia Moody Nurse No. 3
Jordan Keller Young Worker
Ora Jones Receptionist
Herb Lichtenstein Male IRS
Jordan Teplitz Old Man on Phone
Ricardo Guiterrez Squat Man
James Mazza Man on Bus
Oscar Roxas Another Man on Bus
Nadirah Bost Witness No. 1
Lacy Coil Witness No. 3
Will Clinger Witness No. 4
Albert Samuels Witness No. 5
Lucinda Kemp Carla's Co-Worker No. 1
Donna Watkins Carla's Co-Worker No. 2
Julien Heron Animal Attack V.O. No. 1
Lora Cain Animal Attack V.O. No. 2
Bob Papenbrook Animal Attack V.O. No. 3
Mike McColl Animal Attack V.O. No. 4