Soup For One 1982 | Movie Watchlist


This debut film for writer-director Jonathan Kaufer is a humorous and somewhat bitter look at a young, conservative, Jewish New Yorker, Allan (Saul Rubinek), on a quest for true love in an increasingly alienating world. The film's self-deprecating tone is reminiscent of much of the work of

Woody Allen. However, Kaufer lacks distance or objectivity, making his humor more bitter. Allan eventually finds the woman of his dreams, but as these things predictably go, she finds him repulsive. However, he is persistent and a romance eventually develops. Meanwhile, Allan wonders if the

relationship is really what he wants. Although this Woody-Allen-type humor is nothing new, Kaufer brings a rare type of energy to the film. Rubinek is the perfect actor to convey the neurotic tendencies of the protagonist.