Some Girls 1989 | Movie Watchlist


SOME GIRLS might have been another entry on the list of forgettable and self-indulgent coming-of-age memoirs, but instead turns out to be a refreshing, original, and gently persuasive comedy. When Michael (Patrick Dempsey) arrives in Quebec City to spend what he hopes will be a romantic

Christmas holiday with Gabby (Jennifer Connelly), an exotic beauty he regards as his college sweetheart, Gabby's attractive yet quirky family both enchants and bedevils the eager, callow American student. Though Michael eventually achieves his goal of going to bed with either Gabby or one of her

two beautiful sisters, it's only through her absent-minded grandmother (Lila Kedrova) that he learns what love is all about. Writer Rupert Walters and director Michael Hoffman have wisely filmed this farce cum fantasy with the utmost sympathy for their young hero and the objects of his ardor,

making Michael's coming-of-age not so much a PORKY'S-style sexual initiation as it is an acquisition of knowledge and an encounter with the ineffable feminine mystique. The film remains highly entertaining through all its baroque turns of events, and the performances are fine.