The major novelty of the SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE series is that all this sleazy exploitation fodder has been written and directed by women. Yes, the fairer sex is responsible for the spectacle of lingerie-clad lovelies being menaced and mutilated by madmen wielding enormous phallic power


At least SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE II flirted with satire. The latest installment is grim, no-frills splatter dreck which sets its intellectual watermark by opening on a bikinied volleyball match. The participating beach bunnies hold a slumber party that night while their parents are absent. The

girls engage in scintillating dialogue ("Your hair looks real good pulled back like that"), play truth-or-dare and practice striptease routines, while their horny boyfriends outside pull various pranks to gain entry.

Meanwhile someone is butchering the kids one by one. The murderer is unmasked halfway through; he's all-American college boy Ken (Brittain Frye), an impotent psycho-driller-killer due to abuse by his late cop uncle--police are depicted throughout the film as moronic cretins. Ken messily whittles

down the movie's squealing bimbo population (Victim: "If I said something that made you angry I take it all back!"), getting quite bloodied himself in the process. Whenever a lamp is smashed over his head he drops the drill, but only heroine Jackie (Keely Christian) has the climactic enlightenment

to pick up the tool and turn it against its owner.

On a purely technical level SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE 3 is first-rate, which is no asset as gore flows by the hoseful. The young thespians emote with demo-reel sincerity, and talented character actor M.K. Harris goes to waste as a twitchy neighbor. Director Sally Mattison also wrote and performed the

soundtrack songs "Pale Imitation" and "Hold Your Fire," while other musical credit goes to the aptly named band High Class Trash. (Excessive violence, substance abuse, excessive profanity, nudity, sexual situations, adult situations.)