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A cotton-candy fable about being and nothingness in which a computer-generated celebrity takes on a life of her own. Director Viktor Taransky (Al Pacino), a true believer in the art of cinema (if not quite the artist he imagines), has been reduced to cater… (more)

Released: 2002

Rating: PG-13

User Rating:2.67 out of 5 (3 ratings)

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Al Pacino Viktor Taransky
Catherine Keener Elaine Christian
Evan Rachel Wood Lainey Christian
Elias Koteas Hank Aleno--uncredited
Winona Ryder Nicola Anders
Jay Mohr Hal Sinclair
Jim Rash Studio Executive
Ron Perkins Studio Executive
Mitzi Martin Premiere Audience Member
Carol Androsky Premiere Audience Member
Christopher Nieman Premiere Audience Member
Jolie Jenkins Premiere Audience Member
Derrex Brady Premiere Audience Member
Lisa Cerasoli Premiere Audience Member
Darrin Heames Premiere Audience Member
Patrick Dancy Premiere Audience Member
Adrian R'Mante Premiere Audience Member
David Doty Theater Owner
Maureen Mueller Entertainment Reporter
Vincent Boling Reporter
Alan Laoyza Valet Manager
Echo Photographer Chris Coppola
Lombardo Boyar Paparazzi Photographer
Deborah Rawlings Coral
Christina Rydell Claris
Rod Simmons Hewlett
Hal Ozsan Hotel Concierge
Jaehne Moebius Drunk Woman
Henry D. Zapata Studio Executive
Chip Pope Concert Technician
Gordon Simmons Concert Technician
Daniel Do Monk
Clyde Tull Priest
Moss Mossbery Rabbi
Ronnie W. Elliot Arresting Officer
Christopher Marley Police Diver
Sean Cullen Viktor's Lawyer