It's not a very Merry Christmas for anyone who gets a visit from Santa in this film. Billy (Robert Brian Wilson) is a toy-store Santa Claus whose qualifications for the job are a mite shady. It seems that, when he was a lad, Billy witnessed his parents' Yuletide murder at the hands of a

killer in a Santa suit. This, along with a cruel upbringing in an orphanage, has given him a decidedly negative view of the holiday season. Unhappy with his new job, Billy starts frightening the children who sit upon his knee then takes the scares a step further. He goes off on a murder spree

dressed as St. Nick, committing a series of gruesome slayings and beheadings before his holiday visits come to an end. As slasher films go, this is about average. The sets are cheap, with most of the budget seemingly going to the gore effects. Interestingly, SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT was directed

by the same man who produced such wholesome fare as THE LIFE AND TIMES OF GRIZZLY ADAMS (1976). The movie was the subject of much controversy, and some protesters demanded that the film be withdrawn.