Shag 1989 | Movie Watchlist


Remember WHERE THE BOYS ARE? Basic premise: four swinging bachelorettes looking for guys and giggles at the beach. SHAG is a fluffy variant on that time-honored formula. Carson McBride (Phoebe Cates) is Princess Perfection, out for one last fling before she marries her upright hunk;

Melaina Buller (Bridget Fonda) is the group's daredevil sexpot, obsessed with winning the Miss Sun Queen contest. Luanne Clatterbuck (Page Hannah), is a prim, bespectacled nerdette. Pudge (Annabeth Gish), as her name would indicate, is overweight but game. During their busy weekend at Myrtle

Beach, the four find romance, dance up a storm, make serious career connections, and lose every inhibition. It's all as inconsequential as cherry pop and goes down just as easily. Director Zelda Barron has a real affection for her characters, enabling them to retain a sweet dignity even under some

excessive circumstances dictated by the unimaginative, slight script. Barron also has a killer eye for succinct period detail circa 1963. Kenny Ortega's re-creations of the demurely syncopated dances of the era are a great asset, as is the music, which includes a few classic melodic

memory-joggers. Even the photography has an appropriate, cheesy Kodachrome look to it. The performers are uniformly attractive and energetic, and deliver performances that range from likable to delicious.