At the center of this musical adaptation of Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol is Albert Finney, singing, dancing, and "Bah, humbug"-ing his way through the familiar title role. Guiding him on his journey to moral reawakening are Edith Evans as the Ghost of Christmas Past, Kenneth More

as the Ghost of Christmas Present, and Paddy Stone as the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. Director Ronald Neame's well-paced film captures the period beautifully, and the acting is superb, with Finney and Alec Guinness, as Marley's ghost, real standouts. Richard Harris was originally slated to

star, then was replaced by Rex Harrison, who also dropped out, and Finney stepped in just three weeks before shooting began. SCROOGE received Oscar nominations for Best Song ("Thank You Very Much"), Best Art Direction, Best Score, and Best Costumes. If you like your Dickens set to music, this

(like OLIVER!) is just the ticket; if you prefer the story played a little straighter, see A CHRISTMAS CAROL or the 1935 version of SCROOGE.