Anthony Hopkins Hannibal Lecter
Edward Norton Will Graham
Ralph Fiennes Francis Dolarhyde
Harvey Keitel Jack Crawford
Emily Watson Reba McClane
Mary-Louise Parker Molly Graham
Anthony Heald Dr. Chilton
Ken Leung Lloyd Bowman
Tim Wheater Flautist
John Rubinstein Lecter's Dinner Guest
David Doty Lecter's Dinner Guest
Brenda Strong Lecter's Dinner Guest
Marc Abraham Lecter's Dinner Guest
Veronica De Laurentiis Lecter's Dinner Guest
Tom Verica Charles Leeds
Marguerite MacIntyre Valerie Leeds
Tommy Curtis Billy Leeds
Jordan Gruber Sean Leeds
Morgan Gruber Susie Leeds
Madison Mason Police Commissioner
Bill Duke Police Chief
Katie Rich Female Detective
Phillip B. Fahey Cop
Richard Pelzman Locksmith
Grace Stephens Jacobi Child
Lucy Stephens Jacobi Child
Kevin Bashor Jacobi Child
William Lucking Byron Metcalf
Alex D. Linz Voice of Young Dolarhyde
Ellen Burstyn Voice of Grandma Dolarhyde--uncredited
Andreana Weiner Dr. Bloom's Secretary
Frank Whaley Ralph Mandy--uncredited
Mark Moses Father in Video
Kyra Helfrich Child in Video
Alex Berliner Photographer
Al Brown Tattler Guard
Tanya Newbould Chromalux Secretary
Edward Nicherson FBI Agent
Terence Rowley Superintendent