Based on a successful British television series, this film featuring the super-scientist Quatermass was Hammer's first international hit and moved the studio to do films in the sci-fi and horror genres. The plot involves the sole survivor of a rocket ship crash, Wordsworth, who comes back

to Earth with a strange fungus on his hand. Put into isolation at a hospital in London, he finds the fungus beginning to consume him. He breaks out of the hospital and the fungus totally consumes him. The fungus-creature goes on a reign of terror, killing everything in sight and growing larger all

the time. The monster becomes a national menace, and the army, police, and civil defense are called out, but it is a BBC television crew, shooting a documentary, that finds the creature in Westminster Abbey. Quatermass corners the monster in the abbey and kills it with a huge electric shock that

puts the city of London in a blackout. Sequel: ENEMY FROM SPACE.