This was Clint Eastwood's directorial debut and it far surpasses other attempts in the genre, such as the popular FATAL ATTRACTION, for thrills, suspense, and insight into sexual obsession. Dave Garver (Eastwood) is a Carmel, California, disc jockey who gets a call every night from a

mysterious woman listener who requests that he play the Erroll Garner classic "Misty." After breaking up with his girlfriend Tobie (Mills), Dave looks for action in the local bars and meets Evelyn (Walter), a rather high-strung but seductive woman who, he learns, is the mysterious voice that

requests "Misty." The lustful pair adjourn to Evelyn's apartment and they sleep together with the understanding that it will be a one-night stand. Unfortunately for Dave, Evelyn is quite mad and absolutely refuses to leave him alone despite the fact that he has patched up his relationship with

Tobie. Evelyn's jealous rage is at first suicidal, then quite murderous. A superior thriller, PLAY MISTY FOR ME proved that popular actor Eastwood could direct himself in a film, concentrate on every aspect of the production from the visuals to the performances, and complete the shooting ahead of

schedule and under budget. What he delivered was an engrossing study of how loneliness and longing can be transformed into irrational rage after a thoughtless act of selfish indulgence. Much of the credit must go to Jessica Walter for her outstanding performance which somehow manages to be

chilling while at the same time sympathetic.