PETER PAN is a wonderful movie. Patriarch Mr. Darling (whose voice is provided by Hans Conried) is annoyed that daughter Wendy (voiced by Kathryn Beaumont) insists on telling stories to the other children about a mythical boy known as Peter Pan. When Mr. and Mrs. Darling leave for a night

on the town, Peter Pan (voiced by Bobby Driscoll) and fairy sidekick Tinker Bell magically appear in Wendy's room. They all take a magical trip to Never Never Land, where they get involved in a series of adventures that include a confrontation with the evil Captain Hook (Conried, in a dual role).

Lots of laughs, fabulous animation, and excellent voicing by the actors. The picture cost more than $4 million to make, a huge amount for a film in 1953. Lest you wonder why it came in so high, you should know that Disney filmed a live-action version of the movie first in order to give his artists

something to base their sketches upon.