One On One 1977 | Movie Watchlist


In perhaps his least grating performance, Benson--who has also played a distance runner (RUNNING BRAVE) and a hockey player (ICE CASTLES)--takes to the basketball court as a talented but pint-sized high school cager who earns a scholarship to Western University, where he has trouble

adjusting to the playing style of sadistic coach Spradlin. While fighting to keep his spot on the team, Benson also battles the books, aided by an attractive tutor (O'Toole). Things get worse before they get better, but by the uplifting end Benson not only gets a chance to show what he can do in a

crucial game situation, but he also proves he's more than just a dumb jock, winning his tutor's heart in the process. Cowritten by Benson and his father, Jerry Segal, ONE ON ONE is an earnest, mostly believable study of the psychological struggle that can occur between player and coach. Handling

the ball as well as he does his lines, Benson is convincing both as a basketball player and as a young man undergoing emotional turmoil.