The only real excitement generated by OCTOPUSSY was whether it would beat NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN, a rival Bond production starring Sean Connery, to the theaters in the summer of 1983. Soviet general Orlov (Steven Berkoff), a bellicose loose cannon, initiates a plan to detonate a nuclear

device in West Germany, thereby adding fuel to the Western anti-nuclear movement in the hope that NATO would be left vulnerable to attack by conventional forces. As Orlov attempts to smuggle the device through the Iron Curtain with an Indian circus run by jewel smuggler Octopussy (Maud Adams) and

her assistant Kamal (Louis Jourdan). Bond (Roger Moore) travels first to India and then to East Germany and begins a tension-filled race to prevent the bomb from being exploded. OCTOPUSSY features the usual array of fine stunt work and special effects, and Adams' appearance marks the first time

that a Bond woman was allowed an encore performance, but little is added that departs from the Bond formula.