Believe it or not giant carnivorous bunny rabbits terrorize Arizona in this silly monster movie. Rancher Calhoun gets fed up with all the hungry bunnies eating his cattle's grass (they're still small at this point), so he enlists the aid of husband and wife scientists Whitman and Leigh who

develop a hormone injection to halt the rabbits' breeding capabilities. Unfortunately the experiment goes awry, and before you can say "Bugs Bunny," Arizona is lousy with 25-foot, man-eating bunnies that stomp like thunder and roar like lions. Eventually Whitman leads the rabbits to an electrified

section of railway track that turns them into giant rabbit fricassee. Unintentionally hilarious, the special effects are handled by using normal rabbits, shot in slow motion and allowed to destroy miniature ranches, and people dressed like rabbits hopping around pretending to be monster bunnies.

The mind marvels at the bravery of the person who walked into the producer's office to pitch this idea.