As we were saying to Andy Rooney the other day, don't you just hate it when you go to see some old movie and find the front two rows filled with college students who think they're extremely clever and don't care who knows it? If so, you'll have very little patience for this

feature-length variation on the cult TV hit known affectionately as MST3K. The smart-aleck premise is this: One regular guy (Michael J. Nelson) and two wiseacre robots are stuck in outer space, watching dreadful movies at the whim of mad scientist Clayton Forrester (Trace Beaulieu). They maintain

their sanity by mouthing off at the screen (OK, so we do the same thing with Andy Rooney -- at least we haven't tried to turn it into a screenplay). Here, the trio rails at a truncated version of the charmingly dated sci-fi epic THIS ISLAND EARTH. It's not that the heckling isn't funny -- it is,

at least sometimes -- but we just can't stand that smug, superior attitude, predicated on the notion that everything that isn't new and flashy is ipso facto ridiculous. And if the filmmakers are so damn clever, how come the movie grinds to a halt during the interstitial skits, when they don't have

silly old THIS ISLAND EARTH to prop them up?