Schneider is an unhappy woman married to Houston, a wealthy boor. After her lover drowns, she turns to her son, Waterman, for comfort. Houston doesn't like what he thinks he sees happening and sends the boy off to college. There Waterman meets Brake and loses his virginity. But he

eventually goes home and gets to know his mom much better. Houston returns from a trip one day to find the two in a clinch. A fight ensues and Schneider ends up killing Houston. Having been knocked unconscious during the fight, Waterman believes he killed Houston and unknowingly takes the rap for

his mother. Acquitted because his actions were in defense of his mother, Waterman later learns that Schneider was responsible his father' death. However, he also learns that his father wasn't his real father. Stunned, he leaves his mother and returns to Brake. Despite some good photography, this

is a terrible film. It's hard to believe that Schneider and Waterman are far enough apart in age to be mother and son, and their performances don't do much to help the illusion. Too much cheap psychology and too many pointless nude scenes mar the film, which fails to explore the dark issues it

raises. Incest has been dealt with intelligently in films (most notably in Louis Malle's MURMER OF THE HEART), but this film lacks any real thought or feeling. The final sequence has Brake and Waterman reuniting in a slow motion shot showing the pair running towards one another. All that's missing

is an announcer extolling the virtues of some product.