A space-age James Bond (Moore) pursues evil to the final frontier in this big-budget entry that cost as much as the first eight Bond films put together. Bond is assigned to search for a missing space shuttle, and along the way he discovers a plot by Drax (Lonsdale) to take over the world

by replacing its population with the super race he has bred in the huge space station to which Bond comes for their final battle. Richard Kiel, a dentist's dream, repeats his role from THE SPY WHO LOVED ME as the indestructible, steel-toothed Jaws. Lois Chiles plays the mandatory Bond love

interest, and the film marks the last appearance of Lee as M. The gadgets are up to the usual Bond standards, but fancy effects do not a movie make, and 007 is less satisfying floating around in space than when his feet are more or less firmly planted on the ground. John Barry and Hal David

collaborated on the theme song, which was sung by Shirley Bassey.