Terry Jones The Virgin Mandy/The Mother of Brian, a Ratbag/Col
Graham Chapman 1st Wise Man/Brian Called Brian/Biggus Dickus
Michael Palin 2nd Wise Man/Mr. Big Nose/Francis a Revolutionary/
John Cleese 3rd Wise Man/Reg, Leader of the Judean People's Fr
Gwen Taylor Mrs. Big Nose/Woman with Sick Donkey/Young Girl
Eric Idle Mr. Cheeky/Stan Called Loretta, a Confused Revolut
Terence Bayler Gregory/Revolutionaries and Masked Commandos/Denni
Charles McKeown Man Further Forward/Revolutionaries and Masked Com
Terry Gilliam Another Person Further Forward/Revolutionaries and
Sue Jones-Davies Beautiful Revolutionary
Bernard McKenna Official Stoner's Helper/Centurion
Andrew MacLachlan Another Official Stoner's Helper
Neil Innes Samaritan at the Forum
John Case Pilate's Wife
Charles Knode Passer-By
George Harrison Mr. Papadopoulis
Terry Gilliam Animation