Albert Brooks directed, cowrote, and stars in this brilliantly funny and at times uncomfortably perceptive comedy. Brooks plays Robert, a film editor trapped in an on-again, off-again relationship with Mary (Kathryn Harrold). After breaking up (again) with Mary, Robert is torn between

freedom and love. Attempting to forget her, he invests hundreds of dollars in jogging clothes and vitamins, ventures into the LA singles scene (pre-AIDS), mopes, and buries himself in his work (editing a really bad science fiction film for an exploitation studio). None of it works, and soon he's

pursuing Mary again in the hope of winning her back--which he does, until anxiety, paranoia, and doubt return to threaten the relationship once again. In addition to being one of the most realistic, insightful romantic comedies ever made, MODERN ROMANCE also offers a detailed and uproarious

glimpse into the technical side of the movie business. A progressive, innovative comic filmmaker, Brooks began to find the large audience he deserves with LOST IN AMERICA.