A delightful Shirley Temple vehicle in which she again does what she does best--portray a singing, dancing, pouting orphan girl. This time she is living with a group of washed-up vaudevillians in a hotel run by the heartless Oliver. Being entertainers, the hotel's inhabitants make a fair

amount of noise, especially Murphy and Durante, whose swing band keeps Oliver up nights. She threatens to close the place down if they don't all pay their back rent. None of them has any cash, but when little Shirley hits on the idea of a fund-raising vaudeville show their future is secured.

Shirley lays on the charm for Oliver, who, of course, realizes how mean she's been and has a change of heart. Songs include: "Be Optimistic," "How Can I Thank You?" "I'll Build a Broadway for You," "Little Miss Broadway," "If All the World Were Paper," "Thank You for the Use of the Hall," "We

Should Be Together," "Swing Me an Old-Fashioned Song" (Walter Bullock, Harold Spina), "When You Were Sweet Sixteen" (James Thornton), "Happy Birthday to You" (Patty Smith Hill, Mildred J. Hill) and "Auld Lang Syne" (traditional).