This convoluted but absorbing mystery begins when Anthony Gethryn (Scott), a retired British colonel, is given a list of 11 names by his friend Adrian Messenger (Merivale) and asked to check on the whereabouts of those on the list. When Messenger's plane blows up, Gethryn looks into the

fates of those on the list and discovers that all have met a similar end. Gethryn also learns that the killer is a master of disguises--adopting a new identity for every victim--that all the victims were POWs in Burma during WWII, and that they all knew the identity of the traitor in their midst.

John Huston directs this film with calculating care, setting up a number of red herrings who are all played by superstars in disguise, including Robert Mitchum, Frank Sinatra, Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, and even Huston himself. It was all eerily effective and provided many a scary

moment. Location shooting was conducted in Ireland.