A dubious historical "re-enactment" proposing that Lincoln (portrayed by Anderson) was the victim of a conspiracy organized by Secretary of War Edward Stanton (portrayed by Middleton). Supposedly the secretary and his supporters were displeased with Lincoln's willingness to rebuild the

South, so they secretly met and plotted to abduct the President. The "official" plan is to have confederate spy Boyd (played by Greene) kidnap Lincoln from the historic Ford's Theater. Booth (portrayed by Dillman), however, learns of the plan and takes advantage of the opportunity to assassinate

Lincoln. A massive search takes place, and a suspect is gunned down--Boyd, not Booth. The natural cover-up follows, and the rest is history--sort of. The only thing THE LINCOLN CONSPIRACY actually reveals is America's fascination with conspiracies in general. Coming on the heels of Watergate and

capitalizing on the Lincoln-Kennedy connections (a trendy topic of discussion in the mid-1970s), THE LINCOLN CONSPIRACY leads us to believe that John Wilkes Booth is living in exile (perhaps on the mountain where Noah's Arc supposedly is located) with a senile old Hitler, a Russian double of Lee

Harvey Oswald, and an aging John F. Kennedy who is still running the country from his invalid's bed.