Based upon a true incident which occurred during the 1962 Cuban missile crisis, this terrifying account of life under the fear of nuclear war successfully illustrates the harm undue panic and thoughtlessness can provoke. Made on a shoestring budget, this is the story of a school where an

air-raid warning accidentally goes off. When the children are directed to go home, one 12-year old (Playten) invites several of her friends to stay in the air-raid shelter at her home. When another girl asks for admittance to the shelter, she is denied by Playten who insists there is not enough

food to go around. The forsaken girl runs to find a hiding space and locks herself in an abandoned refrigerator where she suffocates. Though the film is unevenly directed, its main emphasis shines through very strongly. The children are the highlights of the cast, giving a much more realistic

portrayal than the adults involved. This was producer-director Perry's first film since his successful DAVID AND LISA.