Muppet creator Jim Henson, who previously directed THE DARK CRYSTAL, special-effects master George Lucas, screenwriter Terry Jones (of Montey Python fame), and rock star-actor David Bowie combined their talents to produce this fantasy reminiscent of THE WIZARD OF OZ, ALICE IN WONDERLAND

and Maurice Sendak's "Outside over There." While baby-sitting, Sarah (Connelly), a suburban teenager, lets her imagination run wild and goes on a magical adventure to rescue her brother from Jareth (Bowie), the goblin king, who is holding the boy in his castle on the other side of an intricate

maze. Along the way she meets an array of charming creatures and overcomes great danger, as well as Jareth's deceptions, to learn that the surest route to her brother is both simple and direct.

The finest work that the late Henson had yet produced, LABYRINTH packs enough surprises to captivate an audience of children and provides enough wisecracking to keep adults laughing. Besides acting in the role of the goblin king, Bowie (who was chosen for the role from a group of rock stars that

included Mick Jagger, Sting and Michael Jackson) composed and performed a number of songs for the film.